Hello! And welcome to Alicia’s Little Moments,

As you have probably already guessed, my name is Alicia.

Life is busy, wonderful and a tad crazy at times.

I get to share it with my  husband and 2  children ( a pink one and a blue one).

We are lucky to call Cairns, Tropical North Queensland home,  sometimes the heat makes us all a tad cranky, but we are aware we are lucky to live in paradise.

In May 2011, I embarked on a 1 year project of gratitude, I set out to take a photograph every day for one year of something I am grateful for. My eyes were opened along the way to all the little moments in life we dont take the time to notice every day.

I don’t want to miss the little moments in life, so I set out to record them, to share them, and to learn from them.

Also being a self confessed overthinker, I sometimes make a big deal out of little situations. I have found that blogging has been a great tool for me to work through my thoughts, and realise that some situations are not as full on as first thought!

Thank you for joining me,



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