A new use for spaghetti

Today Noah and I were playing with play dough.

Along with the normal play dough tools, we decided to use a bit of uncooked spaghetti and pasta shells as well.

Noah’s photo of his truck and playdough with pasta speed bump

An Echidna

Then it just got a bit silly…………..

Lovely Peacocks

Walrus Boy

Here I was thinking I needed a makeover, turns out I just needed to stick some uncooked spaghetti in my hair!

I just cannot get over the transformation!

Noah’s Self Portrait:
“My Mummy has lost the plot!”

Noah was horrified when I suggested that I keep my new “Spaghetti Hair” in place to take him to his swim lessons.

He got the last laugh though when he commenced to eat my work of hair art!


No cost and low cost Family activities

We went into these School holidays knowing that money was tight, and with a recent addition to the family in the form of a Teenager, I was a bit worried about how we would cope.

Despite all being sick over the holidays with the super cold, Kiara getting an ear infection (with grommets), and working amongst it, we got to spend some great family moments together, as well as entertain the children at little cost.

Here is a list of some of the things we did, in hope that it will help others for future budget family time and kids activities.

  • We attended a few of the local shopping centre free activities. The kids got to paint with some beautiful cockatoos looking on, as well as patting at the annual Easter petting zoo at one of our shopping centres. We also got to watch a local schools performing arts group dance at another shopping centre.

  • We packed a picnic morning tea and explored a local park one day, picking up interesting leaves while we were there, to take home and paint up and do arts and crafts with.

  • Met some friends  for a play in the park
  • We explored online to find some colouring in sheets and activities, one of my favourites is www.dltk.com it is filled with some great activities that you can just print out at home.
  • Cooking, fun and cheap and you can eat it afterwards!

  • We had a BBQ with some friends on Easter Sunday night, we got our friends to BYO meat and drinks, and provided salads and snacks. The kids ran off some of their sugar high from all the chocolates and it was nice to have some adult conversation.

  • Went for a swim in a local creek, it was freezing though, so we did not stay in long, but it was fun and refreshing.
  • Some friends invited us to the beach for an afternoon of playing in the sand and going on their jet ski, that was a fun day.

  • The kids got to hold and play with some friends kittens, they loved that.
  • We set up our own disco.

  • We had a couple of movie afternoons at home with movies we already had, closed the curtains, but doonas and pillows on the floor, was great chill out time.
  • We set up an adventure area in the backyard, and spent ages in the cubby house and on the trampoline.
  • In Cairns there is a group that does an annual local pass for discounted entry into 4 local wildlife attractions, we get it every year and well and truly get our monies worth, we used it to go to a local wildlife park, ride on an army duck and feed some wildlife, was a cheap day out.
  • In fact, we ended up using it at 3 of the 4 wildlife parks over the holiday period, made for some fun, free excursions out.

  • A friend gave the kids money for an ice cream each for easter, so we went to local esplanade one evening for ice creams and a walk along the esplanade, it was filled with lots of great, free sights and was lots of fun.
  • We made homemade volcanoes one day. I gave the kids 4 plastic cups each on a cooking tray, we dropped a few drops of food colouring in each, then sprinkled bi carb soda and let the kids pour vinegar in. They never cease to be amazed at the volcano effect in the end. We used the remaining coloured liquid as home-made paint.

The list of fun, free or low cost activities are endless once you get thinking of them, trips to the local library, a dress up day, a teddy bears picnic, going to the local skate park and much more.

It has been great to get through the holidays, having fun and doing things together without breaking the bank.

Dear Mr Post Office Man…………

Dear Mr Post Office Man,

I have lived this side of town for over 9 years now, and in the whole time you have been working at the local post office.

You don’t smile, sometimes you don’t even talk, you just take the item, scan it and grab the money off me, or get the parcel I have come for.

Once you even chucked my change at me.

You seem very sad.

I told my husband about 6 years ago that I would make you smile, I was determined there was a way to make you smile.

I tried everything, big, cheerful greetings, and “have a fantastic day”, asking you how you were that day. I even once saw you while I was working and threw you a huge smile, you didn’t smile back, I don’t think you even noticed someone was smiling at you.

Then the other day a miricale happened………… you smiled!

I was so suprised that I did not take note of what made you smile, but I do want you to know that when you smile it makes you look kinder, your smile suits you.

I went home and told my husband excitedly “he smiled. AT LAST!” This made me pretty happy, because I was wondering if I would ever get to see it.

Recently I ordered some bulk books online for the kids, for some reason the company has been posting them one at a time, so Mr Post Office Man, you and I have been seeing a lot of each other when I come to individually pick those books up.

I got a bit cocky after the smiling incident, I thought I could progress to a laugh right away, so next visit I told you a joke, you didn’t laugh, you didn’t even smile.

I think you may have a big, hearty laugh, and it would probably make you feel really good to use it.

So here’s the deal Mr Post Office Man.

The book company is sending one last book, it is due to arrive in the next week.

I am just warning you, I am seriously considering pulling out all stops to make you laugh.

If a crazy lady comes into your shop, dressed in a wild costume, tap dancing and playing a one woman band, it is me.

All I ask of you is one thing…………. just laugh.

You never know, it may do you some good!

You Know You are a Mum when………….

The Beautiful Sassy over at Sassy’s Sanity has invited me to make my own list of “You Know You are a Mum when”………….  after her list  had me nodding my head and giggling at how much I could relate to it.

So here goes:

You Know you are a Mum when ………………

You find yourself asking “Is that stain chocolate or poo?!”

It’s a treat to try on clothes without the fear that your child will open the change room door while you are semi naked.

You understand how it feels to be so tired you want to vomit.

You can see why there is a term called “Baby Brain”, after you put the milk in the cupboard and cereal in the fridge.

You appreciate your washing machine and how much work it does for you and your family.

You feel you may well qualify for a frequent visitor card to the emergency department.

You look at your children and are amazed at the fact you grew these little beings inside your body

You find yourself scrubbing and disinfecting your wedding and engagement rings as they have somehow got caked in your childs poo.

You find yourself telling an adult to “Use your words” while they are arguing with another adult.

You crawl into bed after a long day to find you are laying in a pile of biscuit crumbs left behind by your child earlier.

You look at the house after you have spent what seems like hours cleaning it and think “This aint going to last like this for long”.

The meaning of  “love” and “pride” are taken to a whole new level

You have moments that you have to decide between laughing or crying – on a daily basis.

You think the time they decided to put cartoons on tv all day long was a god send.

You go to put your child to bed at night, only to find that there is a huge dry wee stain on their bed, meaning they must have wet the bed the night before and you only just noticed now!

 (please tell me that’s not just me?!)

Over dressed

In a sarcastic mood recently, when I was informed that I was to not get dressed up at a function I was invited too, I replied.

“That’s a shame, I had my wedding dress airing out, all ready to get another wear out of, not I am going to have to go to the trouble to box it up again!”

(Yes, I am immature, yes, I am a shit stirrer!)

In a conversation afterwards with Sassy from  Sassys Sanity  http://sassyssanity.blogspot.com/, we spoke about what a shame it is that you only get to wear your wedding dress once.  I have got to wear mine twice, as it was also in a fashion parade for wedding dresses amongst the years, but regardless, it hasn’t got much use, and it does seem a  pity that,  after our wedding day, our dress just gets bundled up and put away.

Jamie and I on our wedding day, August 2004

 On my wedding day


Then our conversation turned a tad silly, imagine how fun it would be to dress up in your wedding dress and just do “stuff” in it?!  It didn’t take Sassy and I long to decide to go ahead and do just that!

Cooking delicious macaroni cheese for dinner, complete with a horse shoe I was given on our wedding day, and the lovely tea towel draped over my shoulder (ended up burning the saucepan!)

hoola hoop time!


having a go on Kiara's scooter


Needing to chop down a tree? Why not do it in your wedding dress!


Although you can't see it in this picture, Kiara and I are actually table top dancing (what a great role model I am hey?! NOT!). She wanted to get dressed up as my flower girl!


Pretending I am Kate Winslet in the Titanic, swapping the Titanic for a Triton.


now its just getting silly

pretending I am flying on the roof of my car?! Alright, time to end this, its just getting down right ridiculous!

I promise I wasn’t drunk when these pics were taken, just a little bit crazy!
In the end, I wasn’t able to go to the function in question, dressed up or not. I ended up staying at home with the kids.
So Sassy, now it’s your turn to show us your wedding dress up pics, and if anyone else out there wishes to do the same, please feel free to post yours on my facebook page.
 Lets get a tad crazy together!