Grateful for My Life Lines

While not exactly over the hill yet, I am 32 years old, and gradually more and more lines on my face appear.

It may sound weird to some, but I actually like them, I call them my “life lines”, a sign of having lived life, having cried, laughed, stressed, rejoiced, having just experienced emotions.

As a child I wanted so desperately to have dimples in my cheeks, it is one of those things that friends who were lucky enough to have them, wished that they didn’t.

I would be found standing still, concentrating as I poked the tips of both index fingers into the sides of my cheeks, hoping that if I did that often enough and long enough, I would eventually get myself a set of my very own dimples.

As you can imagine, it did not work!

Now in a weird sort of way, my smile lines look a little like those dimples I envied for years, sure you can tell they are NOT dimples, but I like them all the same.


Only recently, my daughter Kiara asked me why I had lines around the corners of my eyes.

Some may call these “crows feet”, but I shall call them ” laugh lines”.

I told Kiara this, and she said she thought I was pretty lucky.

I asked why.

Her answer was simple.

“You must have laughed and smiled many times in your life to get those lines, I cannot wait until I have smiled enough to earn some lines for it!”

And you know what?

She is right!

As a  young teen, I participated in a makeup and deportment course. The teacher told me one day that I really needed to work on the emotions I showed on my face, she said that I moved my forehead up so much that the lines would become permanent over time.

I was worried about this, and tried so hard to keep my face still, and free from lines, but really that was never meant to happen.

Those who know me, know that I am a little loud, and prone to making funny faces.

I make jokes a lot, especially when I am the subject, and you really cannot do that with a smooth forehead!


The lines are slowly becoming permanent there, but I really don’t mind.

They remind me of all the fun times.

I feel blessed to have some lines to show I have lived.

My sister died at 22, never getting the chance to see these small wrinkles appear on her face.

She never got the chance to grow old.

She was never given the chance to earn her lines.

I am not old, I know that, and I know that my wrinkles and lines will only grow more as the years dwindle on and my age ticks by.

You will never find me in the queue for Botox.

I like that you look at my face and you know I have lived.

Too many people are not given that privilege, and I am grateful for my small blessing.


What I am proud of

I saw a quote online the other day, this is it:

Such a simple quote, yet it really touched me, I really agree with it, and I found the rest of the day I constantly came back to thinking of this quote.

It has been a huge year in our house, in my life, but I am happy to say at the end of the day, I am proud of where I am now, of how far I have come.

We all continue to grow each and every day, life’s experiences continue to enrich and challenge us, and assist us to develop into hopefully the best people we can be.

So it made me think,

What am I proud of?

Sometimes that is a hard question, none of us want to come across as conceited, but perhaps we should each take a moment to look inside ourselves and think about what we are proud of about ourselves.

So here is my list:

  • I am honest and reliable:  Unfortunately I have seen first hand what devastation and havoc lies can create on other people’s lives. I am proud to say that I value and respect being honest and reliable to others.
  • I admit to my mistakes– I will NEVER pretend I am perfect, no one is, especially me. It is a very important thing for kids to grow up knowing that their parents are only human.
  • I have an amazing, supportive team of friends and family, and I am so thankful for them– I feel so incredibly blessed by some of the amazing souls that surround me in life, and every day I count my blessings to be able to share my life with these amazing people.
  • I have finally realised that it is time to let go of the things that I have no control over in my life– something that even a year ago was almost impossible for me to do.
  • I’m becoming more assertive– For years I have said that I think my lesson in life is to be more assertive, I have been trampled on by others, had my feelings and views squashed and ripped apart. I have had hundreds of sleepless nights worrying about what others think or say about me. Now simply don’t care, my skin has grown thicker, and I know that those who truly love me know the real me.
  • I have fallen apart and put the pieces back together again:  This year has been a shocking one, I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom, and I know that it is impossible to feel “normal” again overnight, but I did it. Some days it feels like some of the pieces are falling apart again, but I am safe in the knowledge that I know how to heal myself, and that I am finally able to be more gentle on me.


Now it is your turn, What are you proud of?

Thankful For Five Kittens

I have never really thought of myself as a “cat person”, have never owned one, and have more often than not been scared of them or annoyed by them.

I have countless cat stories, of various feline’s attacking me, or doing something to make me either afraid of them or not very much of a fan of their species.

This year however I was lucky to meet a beautiful cat that made me see the good side in them, fast forward a few months later , and a local animal rescue organisation was asking for foster carers to help with the influx of animals they had needing to find a forever home.

Many were being saved from the local pound, and unfortunately not all could be saved.

I decided to do my bit to help, and put our hand up to be an animal foster carer.

The day after I filled my forms in, I was rung to say 5 kittens were needing a foster home, and would I be willing to give it to them?

That was when Tia, Asha, Bella, Lara and Spencer were introduced into our lives, and brought much more into them then I ever expected.

As you can imagine, a house filled with kittens was chaotic, the kids wanted so badly to play with them, and I was worried they would hurt them.

Noah especially was loving them way too roughly, and kept picking the poor kitty’s up by around their necks, I was freaking out that he would accidentally kill one, and a lot of time was put in to show him how to correctly hold and play with a cat, something I am thankful to say he has finally caught on. Of course the first few days saw the kids fight over the cats as though they had taken to all out war.

The smell and mess 5 kittens made as you can imagine was huge, and a bit to get used to, however I was very surprised by how quickly cats are toilet trained in comparassion to dogs.

A couple of times in the first few days I wondered exactly what I had put my hand up to do. When I told friends that we were fostering five cats, more often than not I was asked how crazy I was, and what possessed me to put my hand up for such a thing.

No one called to say they were interested in adopting one of the kittens, no queries were made, no forever homes seemed on the horizon.

Among this all, a fairly shocking and stressful family event occurred, bringing lots of pain and angst into our household. On the evening that this all happened, I lay on the lounge chair, and simply cried, big, hot painful tears of sadness, hurt and confusion. I sobbed in the dark, hurt beyond words and belief…………. then suddenly a little ball of fluff joined me in my spot, Tia curled up into my arms and gently wiped my tears away with her soft paw, an unexpected gesture of kindess n my time of need.

In the following days, the cats provided a much-needed distraction for us all, and many laughs with the crazy antics that they had.

As they grew, it seemed a bit too difficult to keep all five of them in our house, so two were handed over to another carer, and then a friend took a liking to Spencer, and he was adopted into his forever home.

As we waved goodbye as our friends left with Spencer in his car, little Kiara started to cry, I told her that she knew from the start that they were not our cats to keep.

“I know Mummy” she replied “These are not tears of saddness, but tears of happiness that Spencer has found a great forever home”

On going back inside, we were unable to find Tia, who had become Spencer’s main playmate.

After half and hour of searching, we finally found her huddled up in a corner shaking, as I held her close to me, feeling her heart beat a hundred miles an hour, my tears begun to fall too, while I was also sad to say goodbye to the cheeky Spencer, I felt sadness for this little kitten, obviously upset at the departure of her dear brother, it was a sign that touched my heart.

We have been fostering for a month now, and have only Tia and Asha left in our care. I do hope they find their perfect forever homes soon, but in the meantime, I am so thankful for all that these feline friends have brought into our lives.

Since we took on these kittens, our bank account is a little lighter, our house a bit smellier, there is chew marks and scratch marks in various places, but I am so thankful for all these little feline friends have brought into our lives. Some of the wonderful things include:

*The laughter and smiles their antics have brought to our faces.

*Free playmates for the kids.

*The fantastic feeling of doing something good for these beautiful kittens.

* Finding out how peaceful it is to sit with a purring cat on your lap, or lay with one snuggled up beside us, resulting in more then one of us relaxing so much and being lulled off to sleep by their soft gentle purrs.

*The joy of listening to 6-year-old Kiara talk about how much she wants to rescue animals in need when she grows up, as well as seeing what amazing stories and drawings have been done at school by her as a result.

*Bringing out care and compassion in my kids.

*Opening my eyes to what beautiful, clever creatures cats really are.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, and fostering has been a big commitment, but it is one I am very glad we took, because the rewards have definately been worth it.

Thankful for a little bit of magic

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to view a total Solar Eclipse, right in our own town.

If I am going to be totally honest, I really had not thought too much about the impending Eclipse, I was happy to hear the extra people and business it had brought to the city, but had not got caught up in the hype.

It was only after the eclipse was I to find out that it was the first time in 1300 (no I did not accidentally put an extra 0 on the end) that a total Solar Eclipse has been possible to view from Cairns, situated in North Queensland Australia. It was also viewed in other areas of Northern Australia as well.

My in-laws told us last week that they had planned on going out on their boat to view the Eclipse, and seeing our kids had yet to have a ride on their boat, would we like to join them?

Safety glasses and life jackets were purchased, and then an event in our family turned our world upside down.

Confusion, tears, hurt and anger lived in our house, and still does a bit. It is a story that I am unable to tell, as it is not my story alone, but I can only say our families life was put on its head, and we were all put on an emotional roller coaster.

The Eclipse could not have come at a better time, a little bit of adventure and something to look forward to was just what we needed.

The alarm clock sounded at 4:15 yesterday morning, and the kids were unusually easy to get up and get organised. A quick trip to McDonald’s drive in for coffee, and then onto the marina to board the boat.

The view at the Marina was magical in itself, pure bliss of calm, still water as the early morning haze highlighted the boats.

Before we knew it, we were ready to set sail.

The kids each had a turn of steering the boat with the guidance of Grandpa, and the smiles shining from their little faces illuminated my soul.

Kiara had experienced a fair bit of anxiety about falling off the boat up to the lead up of our trip, but thankfully she felt safe enough to relax and enjoy the journey and experience on the day.

The sun slowly rose as we sailed along , the sight in itself a magical and calming one.

The clouds stayed around, and we were unsure if we would actually get to witness the solar eclipse, but were happy to just be out on the ocean, enjoying the beauty of this time of the day.

Before we knew it, it was time to put on our solar glasses and prepare to view this amazing wonder.

As the moon came between the sun and earth, day suddenly seemed like night, the temperature cooled down, and our surroundings had an eerie, yet magical feeling about them.

And then we saw totality………

The amazing moment we had been waiting for, and the sight was more beautiful and magical then I can even begin to describe, and definately more so then I could have ever imagined.

We turned back to look at the mainland, and we could see thousands of tiny flashes as the people back on land took photos of the wonder in front of us all as well.

Before we knew it, the moon began to move away from the sun again, and everything went back to normal.  Everyone on the boat were full of excitement with what we had all just witnessed together, something really amazing, and something many people do not even get to view in a life time.

On the way back to the Marina I was overcome with sea sickness, and moved up to the front of the boat for some fresh air. I took the time to take in the beautiful surroundings around us, the breathtaking view, the gentle lap of the ocean, and the calm calls of the birds as they flew over our boat

The queasy feeling stayed with me, but I felt it was all worth it, because at that very moment I thought of what a truly brilliant display mother nature had put on for us that morning, and as I looked back into the boat, I saw my husband and our two kids, grinning from ear to ear, and buzzing with excitement.

The early morning start, the sea sickness, and a family of overtired people the rest of the day………. every little bit was worth it, for the magic and adventure we experienced and witnessed that day.

Counting My Blessings

This year has been filled with ups and downs for me, though I guess that is just life isn’t it?

It has been filled with change, challenges, lessons, growth, tears, laughter and more. To sum it all up, I would be best to describe this  year as one huge emotional and mental roller coaster.

Despite the anxiety attacks, the down times, the moments of feeling utterly overwhelmed, I am so thankful for my beautiful friends  and family whom have lifted me up when I was not strong enough to walk.

My husband for his words of support, for simply sitting and listening to me, for ringing countless times during the day from work to see how I was doing, for the constant words of “are you ok”. For holding me tight when my anxiety attacks reached their peak, for seeing me under all that doom and gloom.

For my kids, two little beings giving me a reason to crawl out of bed, even when I didn’t want to. For the little hugs and kisses and simple words of “I love you”, when those three words were exactly what I needed to hear. For continuing to dance and sing and rejoice at life for me when I felt it was a pain to even smile.

I am thankful for my niece,  who forgave the moods that I had, who understood that having a teenager in the house was new to me, and accepted that I was just as inadequate in my new role as she was.

For my beautiful friends, who have shown me what treasures I have found by having them in my life. Little gifts, phone calls, texts, emails, letters, just simple words of “I am here if you need me”. No matter how much of a hermit I made myself, no matter how far my smile disappeared, they stood by me, and knowing I had a cheer squad standing on the side lines when I needed it the most was a huge booster. I feel that I will never be able to repay the kindness and compassion that these wonderful people have shown me, but I am so very, very thankful to have them in my life, you know who you are beautiful people.

For the Doctor, who saw me weekly, and never once told me that my feelings were ridiculous, for him pushing me out of my comfort zone of thinking, for pushing me to become a better, stronger person.

For my dogs, whom I neglected for a bit, forgot to say hello to  and interact with, but loved me regardless. I found a slice of peace again by chilling out in the hammock out side, with them laying beside me. I remembered how beautiful it is to just sit and pat an animal, to have a touch that will help them doze off into a blissful slumber.

I am thankful for those people who have connected via my blog, I have “met” some really inspiring people online, from all corners of the globe, from countless backgrounds and experiences, but you have all renewed my faith in humanity and the kind hearts you have. I have really been touched by the sharing of your personal stories with me, the knowledge that none of us are alone, and together we can get over any hurdle.

And then there are the “things” I am grateful for: coffee, good food, sunny days, cool breezes, the beach, smiles from strangers, an outfit that makes you feel great, tears that heal my soul,  hope, faith and courage.

There really is so much to be grateful for,

So much to look forward to.

And so many people I feel blessed to have been touched by, to each and every one of you:

I thank you

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you

One of the fantastic things about working at a cake shop (apart from sampling the products!), is the fact I get to be a tiny part of many people’s joy that they have in buying a cake for themselves or someone else.

We have provided cakes for people to share with friends for morning tea, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, christenings, even cakes to be used as props in marriage proposals.

I have had a few customers come in to get a cake to cheer up a friend in need, and then there at the cakes used to say

“Thank you”

Regardless, I love the stories that come with the cakes, the stories our customers have to share. I work with my husband, and I love that he understands that I am a bit of a chatterbox. I will often come out the back after serving a customer and he will say “How on earth did you get onto that topic while selling a cake?!”

Some days I feel my customers and I solve the problems of the world together, and I am mainly really thankful for the smiles on many of their faces, young and old as they leave the shop with a delicious treat.

This week a frail man in his 70s walked into the shop. He looked exhausted, but there was still a sparkle in his eyes.

He took a while to choose his cake, in the end he decided to go with two different cakes. We chatted as I served him.

He asked me if I could put a plaque on one, I told him that was not a problem.

“What shall it say?” I asked

“Thank you, Thank  you, Thank you” he replied.

I commented that it sounded like he was very grateful for something. This man went on to tell me that this Friday marks the end of his chemotherapy treatment, and he wanted to treat the nurses who had taken such great care of him over the past 7 months of his treatment, as well as showing them how very grateful he was for them and the wonderful job they do.

We talked further, I told him that his gesture would be sure to brighten these wonderful peoples day.

I then went on to say that I hoped he was doing something to treat himself too, to mark an important milestone in a huge battle he had just gone through, and a huge accomplishment in his own life.

“Oh yeah!” he replied ” I have big plans!”

“I am all set for Footy Grand Final night, that night my dog and I are going to celebrate by watching the footy and getting drunk together”

Not sure I am keen on getting dogs drunk, though my husband later suggested that perhaps he was referring to his wife (I surely hope not!), but I was happy to hear that what may be a typical Friday night for some will be a night that will mark a milestone for this brave man.

It will be a night to celebrate life, to celebrate winning a battle, and to know that despite all he has gone through, he did it, he got there, and for that, I am sure he has lots to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for

The young people who brightened my day

It’s been a tough few days, hell if I am honest, it’s been a tough few months, and fighting yet another bout of the flu is not helping.

My day yesterday consisted of cleaning up my sons vomit and nursing him while trying desperately hard not to pass out myself.

I have got pretty much every cold, cough and flu going round this season, I think the toll stress has taken on my body has knocked my immune system down, and I am a bit over it.

However, in falling over for a moment, I do know that I will get back on my feet again soon, maybe not as soon as I expected, but I will get there, and when I do, I will be stronger, I know I will.

As they say, today is a brand new day, and today was a clear example of that.

To start with, my beautiful 6-year-old gave yet another one of her meditation lessons in the comfort of our lounge room.

She has been learning meditation and yoga in brain gym at school, and has been doing demonstrations at home of all she has learnt.

Despite having done extensive meditation courses years ago, I find I am learning so much for my daughter, the gentle soothing reminder in my ear to “breathe in, breathe out”, so simple, yet works so well.

Then we have gentle Mr 3. Noah is heard daily whispering the words “I love you” constantly, he then goes on to say

“When we say I love you to people, it makes them very happy”

and indeed those words make me very happy.

Then I saw this lovely update on the face book profile of a lovely 15-year-old girl whom I used to work with:

those people that have impacted your life in a short amount of time and even though you don’t speak as often you use to, you still look up to them just as much as you ever have, and you know you will for a long time because they are the kind of people that will always stay in your inspirations from everything they have done for you and taught you 🙂

I thought they were such beautiful words, then a message appeared in my inbox from her:

“P.S, my status update is for you!” I was so touched by her kind words, such a beautiful, kind soul whom I feel so blessed to have met.

We had such wonderful conversations the days she was the junior on duty at work with me. I felt when I look at her I see a glimse of me as a 15-year-old in her eyes, then I feel pretty blessed that I do see that comparison, as she is such a wonderful soul.

Further down the track of today’s events, I took the kids to visit Daddy at work.

I let them have a short play in the park outside his work, when suddenly a teenage girl came running through the park, smiling and asking everyone to give her high fives.

As she collected the high fives, some boys who were with her counted them up, turns out she had been dared to get 10 high fives off of total strangers.

Some people just stared blankly at her, refusing to get involved in her game.

I called her over.

“I will give you a high five!”

Over she came, running, and smiling, and we gave each other a huge high five.

Kiara gave her one too, Noah decided against participating.

The group of teenagers left, laughing and talking loudly.

I felt something stay on my face……….

A smile.

To all you young people in my life today,

The ones who lifted me up, who gave me a reason to smile, who made me feel great about myself, to the checkout boy at the shops who initiated a fun, cheerful conversation, to my kids who give me a reason to smile every day,

I thank you.

People like you make me feel happy with the way our world is heading.

As long as we continue to look after each other, to smile at one another, and high five strangers.

I feel we are going to be ok.

Grateful for Kindness, Honesty and Compassion.

It feels of late that our family has been put into some sort of tumble spin, and life has spun a little out of control.

If the issues that we have faced were mine alone, I would explain every inch of them to you, but as they are a story that belongs to many people, I feel that it is not my story to share alone, it would be not fair to only share my side and leave others versions unspoken.

What I can say, and what some of you know, is that almost 3 months ago we took on our 15-year-old niece in emergency circumstances.

Life sure had thrown us a big learning curve, getting used to a teenager in the house, and all the joys, emotions and moments that come with it.

Miss 5 has not taken the change and upheaval so well, and in turn her behaviour has spiralled out of control. Mega tantrums that were not even seen in the days that were labelled “terrible twos”. Biting, screaming, swearing, destroying, exhausting tantrums that start unannounced and last for hours on end.

I stupidly thought a holiday that had been long-planned was what we all needed, the tool to heal all wounds, I realise now on looking back how naive I was.

As the Mother of the house, I want to protect everyone, I want us all to be happy, and to work as a complete little family unit as best as possible. In turn I have been exhausting myself with worry and frustration at the situation.

Amongst all of this, I still have a lot to be grateful for, as the title of this post says, Kindness, Honesty and Compassion.

In being honest in my feelings and the issues going on in my family, others have been open to sharing their stories with me and in turn making me see that each family has our own issues to work on an any given time.

Not one person has made me feel inadequate in my situation, only beautiful, kind, thoughtful words of encouragement have been shared, and I am so very grateful for that.

In searching for some sort of extra assistance, I phoned parentline today. It is an awesome organisation that I only found when trawling through the phone book with hope to find something or someone to help me. It is only available in Northern Territory and Queensland, but it is set out to assist parents in their time of need.

Dear Henry, a kind man with an Irish accent took my phone call. Henry had probably only started his shift for the day and was not expecting a blubbering mess like me calling him. I had thought he would give me answers, some guiding clue as to what to do. I told him that lately I feel I am faking it till I make it, and very rarely making it at that.

Henry listened, he spoke, he encouraged, he supported me. He did not have the magical answer that I was looking for, but he did make me feel that I was doing the best job that I can right now. It was nice to talk to someone uninvolved, no judgement, just an ear to listen.

There are so many beautiful people who I am grateful to have in my life.

My husband who has taken this out of control ride with me, and supported me the whole way, held my hand when what seems like millions of tears have fallen from my eyes recently.

I am blessed to also have such beautiful, supportive friends, caring about our family. It was a joy to talk to one such friend who lives in New Zealand today. Deb rang me for a catch up, it was nice to hear her friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Deb lives an ocean away, but sounded like she was only around the corner. It was nice to just chat, to be listened to , and to listen to her in return.

I have also been touched by messages, both public and privately shared by you, the readers who have touched my heart over the past year. Some of you have shared your own upheaval that you are individually experiencing at the moment, and I am grateful that you have included me in your life, that you take the time to wish my family and I well, or to simply tell me that you know we will be ok. You will never know how thankful I am for each and every one of you. Most I have never met, yet I feel I know you, and in turn have shared a little bit of myself with you.

For the school Mums, who have seen me drained and empty at the school pick ups and drop offs, for those who have supported me, watched me cry, be upset, confused or simply drained, yet still cheered me on, I am thankful to you.

For my friends, who have simply told me “I am here, whenever you need me”, your kindness and support has always been such a huge gift that I feel so blessed to have in my life.

For my little family. We may seem to be on a little roller coaster at the moment, in fact life is very much like a roller coaster at any one given time.

We will get through this little family, we will pull together, support each other, make mistakes, apologise when need be, we will laugh, we will cry, we will live, and it will all be that little bit extra special, as we have done it together.

No one ever said life would be easy, but it will sure be worth it.

A year of Gratitude

A year ago I decided to take up the 365 Moments of Gratitude Challenge. I had hoped it would assist to get me out of the little funk I was in, to start viewing the world in a more positive light, but I was never prepared for how much this challenge would bring me.

After reading an inspiring book called “365 Thank Yous” by John  Kralik, and shortly after stumbling across the 365 Grateful site, I was inspired to start my own project.

So off I began, a year of taking photographs of something that I was grateful for. I do admit I was a bit daunted by it all, wondered if I would ever complete the project, but a voice inside me told me to give it a go, it was something that I really needed at that point of life.

This is the photograph that commenced my project:

My two darling children, Kiara and Noah with the flowers that they regularly pick from our garden for me, always with some kind words such as “These are for you Mummy cause we love you so much”. I was always happy to receive them, but often worried if we would have any flowers left on the plants. I decided to take a moment to be thankful for such a kind gesture.

From here my journey commenced, I started to open my eyes up a bit more to the wonderful world around me. I started to think of all the beautiful, kind people in my life.

In the whole project, the majority of moments that I was grateful for were free. I started to see that it is really true that in life it is not so much about what you have, but what you think about. I thought of the people in third world countries who did not even have a proper roof over their heads, yet were always seen with smiles on their faces, I compared them to some of the richest people I have ever met who still grumble about anything and everything.

It really is not about what you have, it is about appreciating what you do have.

The ripple effect commenced, the more I started practising gratitude, the more I was able to find to be grateful for. I really did have a blessed life!

I also found that my attitude was rubbing off to my children, they seemed to be more grateful as well, I felt happier, my marriage seemed stronger, and friendships deeper.

I also started to become kinder to myself, I started to try new things, rather than the usual little voice that would have told me it was impossible, I started to give new things a go, to rise to new challenges.

With Gratitude, I found kindness, happiness, empathy and honesty. It was as though by being thankful, all the other wonderful things in life were also magnified.

Now don’t get me wrong, this did not suddenly make my life perfect, or stop me from having off days, though I did find that I was able to bounce back a bit easier from hurdles, and started to look beyond the imperfections.

I doubt that a stranger would meet me on the street and comment on what a positive, inspiring person I am, but I do notice the change within myself, I feel so much more free.

As I said before, I am still prone to feeling overwhelmed and anxious, I still have my odd meltdowns,that’s ok,  I am after all only human, but these days they are less regular.

So was my Gratitude project a success? Most definitely!

I would recommend anyone to start practising Gratitude for a more grounded, happy way of living, here are some ideas how to start:

  • Start a Gratitude Journal, write down each day or even once a week the things that you are grateful for in that time, take the time to reflect on past entries.
  • Stop thinking about all the things that you don’t have in life and start focusing on all the great things you do have.
  • Discuss with your family each night over dinner what wonderful things happened to each of you that day, and what things you are grateful for.
  • As you go to sleep at night, take a moment to focus on the things that you were grateful for that day.
  • Go out of your way to thank others, be it friends, family or even that nice waitress that served you a coffee today in the local cafe.
  • Think Happy thoughts
  • Start to believe in yourself and all the beautiful things/people and moments you have in your life.
  • Remember some days one of the most powerful things you can do is to stop, take a moment to breathe, and to just be. This can be a moment to gather your thoughts, to calm down, and to regain a bit of peace in a hectic day.

Never did I expect that one simple decision to commence a project of photographs would have such a profound, positive impact on all aspects of life.

I really am thankful for the art of gratitude, and all the wonderful things it has brought to me, most importantly the ability to no longer walk around in this beautiful world with blinkers on my eyes.

And for each and every one of you who have commented on any of my pictures over the last year, dropped me a message of support, or just simply come along for the ride,

I thank you