In My Garden

Our house is a home, we live in it, so therefore it sometimes also looks like a cyclone (aka children) has torn through it.

Some days the view from the outside is not much better, we seem to have come to a halt with renovations, and need to finish off some painting, tidy up the tools lying everywhere, and deal with the never-ending weeds, as well as the destruction  that two very energetic dogs make.

This all gets me a bit down at times, but then I chose to focus on all the great things that can be found in our garden, and decided to share them with you  (cause nobody wants to see pictures of the not so great things there!)

storm and zen

Storm and Zen, our two beautiful, and crazy dogs.


One of the Willy Wag Tail birds that frequent our garden.


Our frangipani tree, silhouetted by the sunset


One lone flower, that survived the destruction rampage of our dogs.


There is all kinds of life cycle’s and events happening in our yard, I just need to remember to open my eyes and look up and around.


Dew drops on a leaf


Tree Orchid, only flowers once a year.


Cute Lady Bugs


Wet Season


Raindrops on frangipani in our front garden


View from our front porch of neighbors stunning palm tree


The garden is the perfect place to enjoy a cuppa and slice of cake!


Our shed was once used by a sunbird to build one glorious nest


The current sunbird hanging around our place, I caught him in the car port today checking himself out in the side mirror on the car and having a chat to himself! Thanks for giving me a much-needed smile birdy!


View from the backyard at a sunset over the mountains



Technically the Singapore Daisy is a weed, but I still think it is rather pretty!


Little Moments

I have been having a bit of a Facebook detox of late.

Just getting back to basics, taking a step back and simplifying things a bit more.

I do it at least once a year, when my mind starts feeling a bit mentally drained.

As we all know, the little moments continue to tick by, to appear at any given time, on any given day, so here I share with you some of my recent little moments.

All of these photographs have been taken in the last few weeks.


Kiara collecting shells on a visit to the beach.  I love seeing how the beach calms my kids as much as it calms and soothes my soul. The beach is really my happy place.


Noah found the meditation app I had downloaded to my phone.

He went on it and proceeded to follow all the instructions, it was beautiful to watch!

photo (2)

Took the kids to the local zoo, the Bearded Dragon kept putting it’s paw against the glass as if to say “Hi!”

Noah was concerned with the fact this lizard had “Dragon” in it’s name and was waiting for it to breathe fire at us!

We got to see some other lovely animals, including Koalas, Cassowaries and Kookaburras, all wonderful Australian animals.

20130414_164209-kdcollage - Copy

The zoo also has the biggest snake I have ever seen!

It is a python that can grow up to 200kg in weight! arrghhhhhh!

Made me feel a bit uneasy after I found a snake skin in our backyard the other day……….. thankfully the skin was no where near as big as the one on this baby though!


Pinterest inspired me to try out this funky hair style on Kiara and myself.

I recreated it for her for school today, along with some funky hair clips.

Kiara came home happy to announce that her friends think her Mummy is pretty clever, that made my day, seeing I usually lack any hair styling skills.

photo (1) - Copy

Storm smiling at me through the dirty door.

photo (6) - Copy

Whilst chilling out on the hammock, our dog Zen decided to join me for a cuddle!

IMG_20130414_211000 - Copy

My dreams for a lovely backyard garden seem to be constantly hindered by two digging loving dogs, so I was pretty impressed to find this Desert Rose flowering in our backyard, saved by the dogs, beauty in among a huge mass of destruction.


I got to ride in the back of the car with my kids recently.

It gave me a whole new perspective of travelling, seems like forever since I have been in the back of the car.

Kiara and Noah held my hands along the way, it was lovely.


As I prepare to publish this post, this is the sight at my feet.

A short time ago a loud, unknown explosion went off in our neighborhood.

When I went out in the backyard to investigate, our two dogs raced inside, scared and shaking.

They have found a spot at my feet, and as I rubbed their tummies to make them know all is ok, they slowly calmed down.

It is not just them that are comfy right now!


I hope things are well in your world right now,

and no mater what is going on,

may you find a moment in your day to take some time out

to think of the little moments in your life.

( Can I count on someone to remind me of this too?!)

Beautiful Rain

Here in Australia it is the last day of Summer, however the heat does not look to settle down for some time.

It has been a hot, humid few days in Tropical North Queensland.

Today was so hot I ended up having a shower at lunch time!

The last few days, we have been blessed with glorious rain in the afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I ran out and played in it.

Today I took photos of the beauty that the rain brought with it.

Here I share them with you……….









Addicted to Love

Those of you who followed my 365 moments of Gratitude Project may remember my heart photo that accompanied moment number 105:


#105: ♥ everywhere!: So lately, I seem to be finding love hearts all over the place, I have taken photos of some of them I have found, and been cranky when I haven’t had my camera on occasions that I have fond awesome love hearts.It has been something that has made me smile, and now the kids and I have our own little game of finding love hearts.I am grateful for the joy and smiles this has brought me, and have put some of them together in a collage here. I thought I may make up an album of them on this page too, and anyone else who has pictures of any love hearts can add them too, something for a bit of fun perhaps.You can never have enough ♥

It became quite a popular photo, and many people started posting photos of hearts they had found onto my facebook page, it brought even more joy to my life!


I continued my search for hearts, and branched out to one beautiful word:

On Pinterest I have even made my own board with that title.
I think I have got addicted to all things love.

So it has become time again to make another heart collage, filled with all the beautiful shapes I had found:

love 2
I love how many of these are my daughters art work, it seems my love of hearts has been passed on!

The one in the bottom left hand corner was the letter she made the tooth fairy.

On further inspection around the house, I realized I have enough to make another collage, this time a collage of the word Love.

From jewelery, to using the kids blocks, to my button art, and the beautiful letter Kiara made Noah for his trip to hospital


There is the sign I have on our lounge room wall, and the beautiful clock my friend gave me for my birthday, as well as the gorgeous hand crafted necklace from Precious Gorgeous


I have had so much fun collecting these pictures
I hope you enjoy looking at them!

The Return of Joy

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. I simply love taking photos.

In the depths of my depression, when I lost joy for many things, photography was one of them.

It felt like months passed in between me picking up my camera, I just did not have any urge to take a photo.

I am happy to say that the joy has returned, and while I am not taking loads of photos, I do enjoy playing around with the ones that I do take, the reminders of little moments in my life, the memories they bring with them, and the feelings that I capture as I take them.

Here are some recent photos of mine I would like to share with you, and the fact that they signal

“The Return of Joy”


Found this gorgeous tree at Emerald Creek.

We journeyed here on a recent family road trip, beautiful crystal clear water, cicadas chirping near by  and the calming sound of water running over rocks.


Feel very blessed to live in this part of the world.


Up close with a Crocodile at a local Crocodile park on our first visit as a family.


This owl at the same park reminded me of my good friend who loves owls.


Basil, our latest foster cat who narrowly missed being put to sleep at the local pound.

It has taken a while, but he is finally learning to trust people again.


Miss 6 and Basil have become good friends.


My favourite flower, always makes me feel happy!


Raindrops on a frangipani leaf.


Kids exploring a beautiful old tree at a local park.


Oh how I love the smell of coffee, AND the taste of coffee!


Mr 3 all excited to return to Kindy for the year.