Thank you Mr Policeman

Mr 3 has become shocking at keeping his seat belt on, or even getting it on in the first place.

We have had tears and tantrums to get him in his car seat, only to find out a few minutes down the road that he is attempting to get out of his seat, or pulling his arms out of the strap.

I have explained that he needs to be strapped in for his own safety, but we just do not seem to be getting anywhere, and to say it has been frustrating is an under statement.

Countless times, I have found myself pulled over on the side of a busy road waiting for Noah to be safe in his seat again.

It is a worry.

Last week we had just undergone a regular struggle of the seat belt when we arrived at the local farmers markets to stock up on our weekly fruit and veg supplies.

As we were walking around the market, I came across two burly policemen, in our area this is not that frequent, in fact Noah is convinced that Taxi cabs are actually police cars.

These officers were fully decked out in bullet proof jackets and both stood at approximately 6 feet high. They kind of looked out of place among the peaches and grapes!

I hesitated for a moment, before deciding to seize my chance, and I approached one.

“Excuse me Mr Police officer” I commenced

He looked at me with a questioning look on his face.

I proceeded “It is really important that we wear out seat belts in the car isn’t it?” I said as looking down to my son who was standing beside his Dad.

The officer did not exactly look like this, but I do not think I would have complained if he had!

The officer did not exactly look like this, but I do not think I would have complained if he had!

I expected the officer to just agree with me and on our way we went.

This big, booming voice came out “Oh yes, we need to wear our seat belts, if I find anyone not wearing them, including you young man, I will have to arrest them and throw them in jail”

OMG! I think we just overstepped the mark! But on saying that, I could not help but hide behind the apple display to suppress my giggle as Mr 3 hid behind his Dads legs.

On the way home we asked what the police man had said to Noah,

“Nothing” he replied.

When I picked Miss 6 up from a play date, she was horrified that I found it all so funny, she said it was just plain mean!

Perhaps it was, but I am happy to announce that in the week since our chat with Mr Police Officer, we have not had one seat belt incident.

A few days after the police  chat, we drove past a police car.

“Oh look! “I pointed out,” he must be out checking that everyone is in their seats properly!”

Both kids yelled from the back “my belt is on properly!”

So Mr Police officer, perhaps you scared my son a bit, at the time I thought we may have taken it too far, but I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding a way to make him stay safely in his seat, and just keep an eye out for me, I may have to come to you to assist with more issues at a later day!


The Return of Joy

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. I simply love taking photos.

In the depths of my depression, when I lost joy for many things, photography was one of them.

It felt like months passed in between me picking up my camera, I just did not have any urge to take a photo.

I am happy to say that the joy has returned, and while I am not taking loads of photos, I do enjoy playing around with the ones that I do take, the reminders of little moments in my life, the memories they bring with them, and the feelings that I capture as I take them.

Here are some recent photos of mine I would like to share with you, and the fact that they signal

“The Return of Joy”


Found this gorgeous tree at Emerald Creek.

We journeyed here on a recent family road trip, beautiful crystal clear water, cicadas chirping near by  and the calming sound of water running over rocks.


Feel very blessed to live in this part of the world.


Up close with a Crocodile at a local Crocodile park on our first visit as a family.


This owl at the same park reminded me of my good friend who loves owls.


Basil, our latest foster cat who narrowly missed being put to sleep at the local pound.

It has taken a while, but he is finally learning to trust people again.


Miss 6 and Basil have become good friends.


My favourite flower, always makes me feel happy!


Raindrops on a frangipani leaf.


Kids exploring a beautiful old tree at a local park.


Oh how I love the smell of coffee, AND the taste of coffee!


Mr 3 all excited to return to Kindy for the year.


Needs And Wants

A few weeks back I posted the photo below on the right on my Facebook page, the comment read like this:

I would like to apologize to the customers of smithfield shopping centre who just witnessed Miss 6 coming down from her spending high in the most undignified way.
The kids were given christmas money from their great granny.
Miss 6 went crazy spending hers, even though I reminded her a few times that the faster she spent it the faster it would be gone.
Mr 3 spent his a little slower and had enough left to get a kmart brand pillow pet.
Miss 6 chucked a mega tanty when she realised she didnt have enough money for one too.
While I could have paid the $7 myself, kids need to learn about the value of money and delayed gratification.
I hope today helps teach her a few important life lessons.
And the joy of being a Mum is taking these tanty pics for future reference!

I was blown away by the replies, and a staggering 138 likes of the photo, that was a record for my page! It seemed a lot of people agreed that kids need to just learn to wait for things, and work towards them.


We are a household of  learning the difference between needs and wants, something in which I hope is a life time lesson for my kids, and I am very thankful for a program at Kiara’s school named “Kids Matters”, that backs up our ideals on this subject as well.

Kiara cried for ages after that photo, and when we returned to Kmart for the back to school shopping, she hinted at the pillow pet again, but I told her she had to work towards it.

She attempted to have a toy sale out the front yard, but $20 per used toy was a bit steep, and she asked me to let her go busking at the local shopping centre alone, but I told her she was too young.

In the end, she charged for tickets to her very own concert, and ended up helping me with odd jobs around the house to save up her money.

I was so very proud on Sunday when she set out to help with dishes, laundry, making dinner, cleaning the toilet and tidying up the lounge room with me.

This was more than enough to convince me to give her the remaining $2 needed for her prized item.

We went out and got it the next  day, a smile beaming from ear to ear.

When we got home, she told me she was so proud of herself, happy tears were lining her eyes.

I told her I was very proud of her too.

The things we work towards are always so much better then if they were just handed to us.

I hope this is a lesson my little girl will always remember.

Life is Never Dull

Once upon a time, (which in fact was really only six and a half years ago), I sat on the porch of this very house, 41 weeks pregnant and thinking to myself how totally and utterly bored I was.

In an effort to make this baby that seemed all too comfortable in my womb to budge, I had cleaned the house from top to bottom, including crawling on my hands and knees with an old toothbrush as I cleaned the grout in between our tiles (I hope the tiles enjoyed that very rare treat, as it has never been done again).

The nursery had been scrubbed clean and the chest of drawers were filled with freshly washed and neatly folded clothes.

I had read so many books that I was over reading (very rare for me), and I did not want to watch one more movie.

I was not naive, I knew that in that moment, that this was probably going to be the last time I would feel bored for a very long time, and I was right!

As any parent knows, our children fill up our hearts, our homes and our minds. They bring so many things into our lives, and teach us as much about life as we teach them.

Friends will often hear me muttering the words “Life is never dull”, and once you are a parent, that is very true.


I sit here right now, enjoying my coffee, something in which I did not drink until I became a Mum, but now am very thankful for, the house is destroyed and the washing machine is beeping to tell me that I may now empty it and fill it with load number 4 of the day.

The weetbix  Mr 3 spilt at breakfast has set like concrete into the tiles, it may now very likely become a permanent fixture of the floor, as I now know too well how hard that shit is to get up.

In my early years as a Mum, I would not go to bed until every single toy and crumb was off the floor, so that I would wake up to a spotless clean house. Well I know that no house stays clean for more than 2 minutes with kids, so I just can’t be assed any more, I hear the “looks like a cyclone hit” look is in vogue.


Miss 6 is still yet to get dressed, she is currently walking around the house in nothing but a pair or knickers and her gardening gloves and she is asking me every 5 minutes if we can go to the creek for a swim, in between the five-minute intervals, she is concuting ways in which to annoy her younger brother, who had retaliated by screaming at the top of his voice to her.

The cat that we are currently fostering from a local animal rescue organisation keeps staring at me like it is about to steal my soul. It is at the right side of kooky to fit in well with our family.

The walls in which I spent a lot of time painting a few years back as so dirty and full of handprints, paint and unidentified objects. Despite my effort to scrub them clean on a regular basis, they look like they have not been painted in at least a decade.

Mr 3 is now hiding on my lap after giving his big sister a chinese burn,  he aware that payback may be a real bitch. In the meantime he is trying to assist Mummy with her writing hhhghfuiuyuyuyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Mr 3s contribution).


I am back after a brief break of hanging washing out and setting up an activity for the kids to be kept busy for at least 2 minutes. Whilst in the outside laundry emptying the washing machine, Mr 3 locked me out. I think my nose may possible be broken as well after an accidental head but from him earlier this morning, while we were in a tickling match. My upper lip also looks like it has had a great injection of collagen as it is rather swollen from same head butting incident.

He is now using his boogie board to make out he is surfing inside, only moments earlier the same activity had him end up on his bottom……. oh well,  I guess he will learn.

Miss 6 is finally happy whilst doing a painting and chatting away.

I still need to make both our bed and Mr 3s. I was awoken at 2am this morning by hubby after Mr 3 had wet our bed after having  completed a fancy ninja move in the middle of the night and getting into our bed unnoticed. It seems that the new mattress that is not even a week old, and has had me silently praising the person who invented interest free buying terms sure got christened, just not in the usual way.

It faired better then our couch, which lasted only two days brand new before being covered in vomit.


Hubby and I then spent the rest of the night on our old mattress that has yet to be moved off the lounge room floor, it seems that 4 days of being used as an indoor trampoline has softened it up  nicely.

Mr 3 then went on to wet his bed, and add to the pile of washing with sheets, doona, pillow etc.

I think I have spent enough time on here, today is a good day, I have not put myself in time out yet, the ear phones and MP3 player have not gone on yet either to drown out the noise of the kids fighting.

images (1)

Miss 6 has decided body painting  is much more interesting then painting on paper, and Mr 3 is getting a bit too cocky and dangerous on his boogie board,I think it signals time for me to sign off.

Once load number 4 comes out of the washing machine, we will head into work at my husbands family business and attempt to remain calm and collected while I do the banking and office work with 2 kids on tow. We may just succeed today, we may not.

A few more coffees may be consumed in order to get through today, and I may even end up breaking open the wine.

Regardless of what else awaits me today, I do know that the saying runs true in our house:

“Life is Never dull” 

I wouldn’t want it any other way anyhow.

The Fish Are Safe With Us

The kids got their first fishing rods from their Grandparents for Christmas.

They have been itching to use them, and hubby  finally got some much-needed time off work, the poor thing was utterly exhausted.

He has 2 weeks off, but week one was pretty much a write off with both hubby and both kids getting rather sick. We pretty much just chilled out, recuperated, and hung around at home. It was really what we needed to do.

Yesterday, with everyone finally feeling a bit more “human”, we decided to break out the fishing rods, and take the kids on a much-anticipated fishing trip.

We settled on a nearby, crocodile free fresh water swimming hole, and set off on our way.


The kids were brimming with smiles as we made our way there, bubbling with excitement as we ventured closer to our designated fishing hole.

We set ourselves up and started to fish. The kids were finding it a bit hard to cast the lines, so Jamie and I both offered to “show them how it’s done”……… and show them we did, but perhaps more “how it’s NOT done!”

I cast Kiara’s line, getting pretty excited with how far I had got the hook, and feeling a bit cocky…….. until it got caught on a big rock across the stream, in the deep part.

Moments later, Jamie was shouting with delight at how high he had cast Noah’s line……….. until it got caught in the branch of a tree overhanging the creek, 10 ft up in the air!

All was not lost, I decided to wade out into the middle of the creek, and using Kiara’s rod, attempt to untangle Noah’s hook from the tree…. easier said then done!

The search was then on for a suitable branch to use to hook it out, pity most were termite damaged, and fell apart in our hands.

I then came up with the brave idea of climbing the branch in question, those who know me are aware that I am pretty afraid of heights, I am known to be dizzy by simply climbing a ladder, and for gripping so tightly to Kiara’s hand a few years ago at the annual show as we travelled on the ferris wheel.

“It’s ok Mum, I am not scared” she said to me, and it is still a joke that my reply was

“I am not holding your hand because you are scared sweetie, I am holding your hand because I am scared!”

So I bravely set about climbing this tree, that although was hanging over water, the water in the part I would need to climb was only mid calf  deep.

I huffed and puffed as I gripped onto the rocks on the edge of the creek, using every inch of strength in my body to pull myself up on the commence of my brave, yet determined climb.

I thought of how proud my kids and husband would be as they watched me do something that frightened me with bravery, courage and determination.

The spider webs in my way were pushed out as I moved on with my task at hand. I continued to pant, and puff, and felt rather out of breath, but was feeling I must be very close by now.

This is what I thought I looked like

This is what I thought I looked like

“What on earth are you doing?” was a question from Jamie that broke my inner warriors thoughts.

“I’m climbing the tree of course!” I said, before taking my surroundings in full, and realizing that all that energy and exertion had only got me up the rocky creek bank, I had not actually even started climbing the tree in question yet, and I was puffed and sore!

Ah crap!

Jamie suggested that the fallen branch right near me may be big enough to do the job, and asked for me to throw it at him. It was rather tricky getting it, but I did, and threw it as best I could, whilst holding onto the rocks at the same time………… the branch floated past him as he stood there, two fishing lines in his hand, and by this time, over it!

Fast forward another half an hour, and the lines were finally out of the tree, Kiara’s broken, the tangles were wound up, and we were all saturated.

The kids had stripped down and taken a dip in the cool water, and we used the bread we had to feed the fish rather than catch them.

Some may say our fishing trip was not successful, and in a way it wasn’t, but it was filled with lots of giggles, family bonding time, and a oppourtunity for us to laugh at each other.

Yesterday’s fishing adventure will not go down as a day the kids saw their Mum as courageous, determined and brave, but as I filled out the things that I was grateful for yesterday in my Gratitude journal last night, I could not help but smiling as I wrote down

“family fishing trip” 

You need not worry local fish, you are very safe if you stay around us!