Learning to be my own hero

Someone once told me that life will continue to throw the same lessons at us, over and over again, until finally we learn what we need to know.

I have said for years that one of my life lessons is to become more assertive.

Over time, I have become much better, starting to stand up for myself more than I have done before, but I have so much further to go.

I am by nature a pretty outgoing person.

Regularly I will strike up conversations with random strangers, sometimes these are some of the most beautiful, enlightening conversations you can have.

Everyone has a story, and I love hearing what people have to say.


I love to be around people.

There is so many wonderful souls out there.

The kind ones

The Caring ones

The loving ones

The giving ones

The happy ones

The beautiful ones

Thankfully on average I am mainly surrounded by the lovely souls.

The people that uplift me, and bring so much into my world.

Life isn’t perfect, and as much as we would love to, it is impossible to surround oneself in a protective bubble that the negative ones cannot penetrate.

Normally I will just let peoples bad moods and nasty comments wash off of me, I remind myself some people just have their own issues, it is their issue, not mine.

I also admit that sometimes I have been known to fall under the negative category myself, no one is perfect.

A few times lately I have been really put down and pulled apart in some really unfortunate events.

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You know what though?

The thing that upsets me the most is not what these people have done or said to me, it is the fact that I have not stood up for myself, that I have not been more assertive and told them that they are out of line.

So I have decided.

Time to be my own hero.

No more being pushed around.

No more being put down.

No more being walked all over.

I may be nice, but that does not mean you can use me as a doormat.

I realize that some times people put others down as they are insecure in their own skin, or sometimes they have had a bad day and take it out on others, or maybe simply they are just a jerk.

Heads up world!


I realize that I have spent so much time fighting for others,

that I forgot to remember to fight for myself.

Now it is time to be my own hero.