Getting My Grateful Groove On.

So I have been a bit up and down of late, been sick, been over thinking, letting other peoples stupid opinions get to me.

I have been spending a bit too much time thinking about what is going wrong, rather than celebrating what is going right, so it is time to get that Gratitude Groove On again!

I think it is time to make this a weekly event, don’t really have the time to go back to posting daily like I did in my 365 Gratitude Project, but think it is important to keep the great stuff on the front of our minds. (Feel free to share yours with me too please!)

So here goes:

I am grateful that it looks like our foster cat Amber has found a wonderful forever home.


I am Grateful to witness Noah seeing a cane harvester up close, which was wonderfully organized by a friend.

Noah wants nothing more then to have a job driving cane harvesters when he grows up, and as you can see the smile on his face was amazing- and boy those machines are HUGE!


I am grateful for experiencing new, fun things with the kids.

We got to go riding on a Biscuit on the back of a friends ski boat on the weekend.

I was so proud of how brave and adventurous both kids were, I admire them for that, as I remember how new things always scared me as a kid, and I was often left wishing I had participated rather then letting fear take over.


I am grateful to live in an awesome part of the world, even if it is heating up this time of the year, and will only get hotter from here on in.


I am Grateful that the kids are helping out more, whether it be with dinner preparation, or odd jobs for our little business, each little bit counts.


I am grateful for escaping it all and going camping with my family and friends on the weekend.

While there is no chance to fully switch off completely when you have kids to supervise, I did find myself just sitting and taking it all in, not feeling the need to do anything other than that, it was a nice feeling to just be still for once.

(The Baileys around the campfire were rather nice too!)


I am grateful for the gorgeous bunch of flowers a beautiful friend gave me.

My favorite  flower- Sunflower, and for over a week they made me smile whenever I walked past them.

The kind gesture in itself touched my heart too- Thanks beautiful Kel xoxo


I am also very thankful for the beautiful little package that arrived in the mail today from the lovely Angie from Ramblings of A Mamma Just Tryin To Find  her Groove. She made me the most gorgeous cross stitch Fairy, and I am bummed that the photo will not upload for me, so I will have to share it with you next week, but I do have to say that getting a package from the other side of the world and sent with such love and care made my day- Thank you Angie xoox

I am also Grateful for the hard work and dedication my husband Jamie does for our new little business.

It has been a full on whirlwind 5 months with that, and he has worked his heart and soul out in it, giving 100% every day, and while in the interest of being honest, we have had our fair share of work place dramas, it has been great seeing our hard work and determination pay off together, and creating something of our own.

I am also very thankful for his new routine this week of making me a fresh Mocha and the kids a hot chocolate each from our Coffee Van before he sets off for the early morning run- it is an awesome start to the day.


I am grateful for Friends who become Family, and Family who are Friends,

I am Grateful for making our own path,

For Believing in what seems the impossible.

I am Grateful for Courage, for Strength, and for recognizing the difference between a bad day and a bad life.

I am Grateful for making yummy fruit  slushy’s  at home, and finding them refreshing AND healthy on a hot, sweaty day.


And lastly, I am Grateful for you readers, whom, despite me not being around as much, you still tune in and stick around and understand that life is busy.

I hope each and every one of you has at least 10 things you can be grateful for in the past week, and if you are willing to, I would love if you could share them with me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting My Grateful Groove On.

  1. Such beautiful photos and moments of gratitude Alisha.
    I am feeling a little sad for Amber though – from the photo, it looks like she was very much at home with you…maybe its the fact that my daughters name is Amber and obviously I couldn’t let her go to a good home (as tempting as that can be at times!!!)

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