Oh what a night

I went to bed at half past ten, ready to go to sleep.

All was quiet within the house, there was not even a peep.

Then the cat disturbed the calm, deciding the furniture needing wrecking.

I jumped out of bed and asked it to stop.

But it continued on it’s pecking.

Three times more I attempted to sleep.

Three times more the cat woke me.

Finally I covered the lounge with sheets

Hoping it would keep it scratch free.

Finally back in bed, my head hitting the pillow.

All of a sudden, a loud noise made me jump

When my little girl bellowed.

Up I ran into her room, to see what was the matter.

She was uncomfortable, and restless, waking with a clatter.

I lay in her bed to calm her down, and help her drift back to sleep.

Finally she was in snooze land again, after counting sheep.

Back to my bed I slowly crept, hoping for some rest.

Little did I know, there would be another little pest.

Little boy had a nightmare, waking with a fright.

He ran into our room, and boy what a sight!

He high jumped over his Dad, and landed right on me.

Snuggled up, and calm at last, he went back to the land of Zzzzzz’s


I thought I would get some rest, finally I would drift off to sleep.

Then pussy cat decided to jump up and lay on me.

“Oh what the heck” I thought

Let her lay there peacefully.

Then once again as I drift off, I wake up with a smack.

Little boy has accidently rolled on top of the cat.

I move them round and fix them up, and snuggle back in bed.

Then suddenly I feel a tap upon my head.

It was Miss 7, tired and upset.

For it was the bed she wet.

By now I was hanging over the side, son under one arm,

Cat under the other, not making a peep.

But I had to get up and change some sheets.

Into the laundry they were seen

On their way to become clean.

Dog was laying on the outside laundry floor.

Looking confused as she raised her paw.

She looked so comfy, I was tempted to just lay down and join her on the floor.

Time to get the cot mattress out of its plastic from under the bed.

She could not pull it out as the Foster cat was using it to lay her head.

The crinkles woke the cat with an awful fright,

She jumped on the bed, and jumped so high it was almost out of sight.

Finally, as the night became day,

Little girl became comfy in her own little way.

Cat had other ideas and begun to play.

With the crinkly plastic,

In a very loud way.

By this stage I decided even a marching band

Would not interrupt my own sleep plan.

After many hours of little sleep.

I finally got to get some zzzz’s

Then hubby’s alarm clock wakes with a squeal.

He groans that he is tired, and to get up is an ordeal.

I roll over and say.

“What a night”

He looks confused, I know I look a fright.

You see, while I had to fight for sleep.

While I had adventures when I did not want to hear another peep.

Dear Hubby lay on his side of the bed.

His pillow never left his head.

Low snores could be heard from him.

He never once woke despite of the din.

Time for him to get the van ready for work.

I bounded out for my own little perk.

As he prepared the coffee machine ready for the day.

I requested a coffee I would not have to pay.

He asked me what it was I would like.

Cappuccino, latte or flat white.

Sugar, how many?

He politely asked.

My answer was in my sleep deprived mask.

“Just give me coffee please, don’t ask”



6 thoughts on “Oh what a night

  1. I was singing [flatly] “Oh, what night, late September back in – great cannot remember the rest of the song, and no idea who sang it or when – just from the title!! Then I came to your words. Men mainly sleep through chaos, but I don’t know why. Hopefully tonight will be serene for you. xoxox

    • now you have that song stuck in my head! I told the kids if they have dramas tonight to wake Daddy up, though it will be me! Had a nice late afternoon snooze outside in the hammock, was not feeling too crash hot up until then!

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