Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

“Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”, 4 words that I have been heard saying many times lately.

Jamie and I recently purchased our very own business, we became franchisees with a Mobile Coffee Van franchise.

Anyone who thinks it is easy to work towards your dreams are wrong.

It has been a lot of hard work, many hours filling in documents with the bank, conversing with  suppliers, setting up the van, getting our selves organised  and don’t get me even started on getting my head around the book work!

I am a self confessed over thinker, and the thoughts of what could go wrong by purchasing a business could very easily snowball if I let them, so this time I decided once we had done our research to not over think, for once, to just dive in, that was the first of many times that I was heard uttering the words ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

As anyone setting up a business would know, it’s hard work, stressful and draining at times, but it is worth it.

One of the main reasons behind our choice to do our own thing, was the opportunity for more family time together. At the age of 4, Noah cannot remember a time which we had regular weekends together as a family.

With Jamie working every weekend, and Kiara in grade 1, she only got to spend time with her Daddy on school holidays.

Jamie was overworked and stressed to the max, and I just craved some time, any time together.

Kiara cried happy tears when we told her that she would get to spend weekends with Daddy at last, in fact even now, over  a month into our new life, squeals of delight can still be heard around the house on a Saturday morning when the kids realize that Daddy will be home for yet another weekend!

I wont deny that it is tough, that we have found a whole new definition to the meaning of ‘exhaustion’, but at last it is happy exhaustion, the knowledge that slowly, our hard work is going to pay off.

We have met some lovely customers, and I am more then happy to go to work with the knowledge that excellent coffee is on tap.

I love the vibe of happiness and excitement that greets us when we arrive at a workplace, ready to provide people with much needed refreshments and a chat.

I love witnessing friends shouting a mate a coffee.

I love working with my husband , although in the interest in being honest, we have had a few little tiffs already.

I love that we are both finished in time to pick the kids up together, and that one of us is not walking in at dinner time.

Original plans were for me to continue at my second job to assist with bills, but that unfortunately did not work out.

Many nights are spent doing things for the business when the kids have gone to bed, but that is to be expected.

It’s been lots of hard work, some have already told us we wont be successful, they just give us more fire in our belly’s  to prove them wrong.

The house is trashed, the washing pile grows, we fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day and right now we owe the bank ore money then we ever had in our lives, but you know what?

We are happy.

We are loving having so much more time together as a family,

We love that we are growing our own little business,

That we hope to watch our hard work pay off, both at home and at work.

We  continue to chant the words

“Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”