I must Confess……

It has been a bit of a full on day today, I guess it has been a bit of a full on few weeks.

Life has been showing me what it is like to ride a roller coaster, and some days I just feel way too dizzy to work things out!

My mind is on a million and one things, and I am a tad exhausted, so what better thing to do then confuse you all with my verbal diarrhea of confessions!


I Confess:

  • That I feel if I ever decide to give my daughter a day off of school “just because”, someone should promptly slap me in the face with a dead, rotten fish, that is wrapped in dirty, smelly socks. I thought it would be nice to chill together today, and have an impromptu day off, but the kids just used that time to fight non stop with each other.
  • The result of the above confession led me to locking myself in my room for a few moments to regain my composure after the kids just kept pushing the buttons.
  • Yep, you guessed it, I confess that I really am not the most consistent parent lately, I know I need to be more consistent, but I am just down right exhausted, and some times just can’t be bothered – yep, terrible I know.
  • I confess that I have a secret stash of chocolate – medicinal purposes.
  • Yesterday I found out that a Mum from school whose son has been in the same class with Kiara since prep is named Mandy NOT Pauline, like I have been calling her for almost a year and a half! I always thought I got some strange looks from her, but she NEVER corrected me, I only found out her real name yesterday when another Mum called out “Mandy”, now I have to retrain myself to use a totally different name to what I am used to!
  • The library actually have some pretty awesome DVDs that you can borrow for FREEEEEEEE!
  • Making business phone calls with kids fighting in the background makes it very hard to portray a professional manner (or hold onto sanity for that matter!)
  • I talk to inanimate objects.
  • I am over feeling sick and have my fingers and toes crossed that the ultrasound I have tomorrow will show what on earth is wrong.
  • Which brings me to feeling for people who live with disease or sickness every day of their lives, I do feel crap, but it could be so much worse.
  • I sometimes just lie on my kitchen floor no particular reason, I just like doing that.
  •  Today I accidentally stabbed myself with a screwdriver whilst trying to open Noah’s walkie-talkie.
  • I wish I was a better cook.
  • I confess that I am looking forward to Jamie working more family friendly hours soon, in fact I can’t wait.
  • I need a night out.
  • I am looking forward to chilling in front of the tv and watching Packed to the Rafters tonight.

Over to you now,

Do you have a confession you would like to share?


3 thoughts on “I must Confess……

  1. I confess that I too have locked myself in my room just to get five minutes peace to regain my composure and consistency is my downfall, sometimes I’m just too tired to deal with things the hard way ugh! Hoping tomorrows a better day and you get the answers to your mystery illness enabling a speedy recovery x

  2. I confess to many of the same things as you, and I only have the 1! Ummm, I confess I sometimes wipe his kisses away, usually because they consist of 60 percent slobber and 40 percent snot. But I never let him see me do it.

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