Addicted to Love

Those of you who followed my 365 moments of Gratitude Project may remember my heart photo that accompanied moment number 105:


#105: ♥ everywhere!: So lately, I seem to be finding love hearts all over the place, I have taken photos of some of them I have found, and been cranky when I haven’t had my camera on occasions that I have fond awesome love hearts.It has been something that has made me smile, and now the kids and I have our own little game of finding love hearts.I am grateful for the joy and smiles this has brought me, and have put some of them together in a collage here. I thought I may make up an album of them on this page too, and anyone else who has pictures of any love hearts can add them too, something for a bit of fun perhaps.You can never have enough ♥

It became quite a popular photo, and many people started posting photos of hearts they had found onto my facebook page, it brought even more joy to my life!


I continued my search for hearts, and branched out to one beautiful word:

On Pinterest I have even made my own board with that title.
I think I have got addicted to all things love.

So it has become time again to make another heart collage, filled with all the beautiful shapes I had found:

love 2
I love how many of these are my daughters art work, it seems my love of hearts has been passed on!

The one in the bottom left hand corner was the letter she made the tooth fairy.

On further inspection around the house, I realized I have enough to make another collage, this time a collage of the word Love.

From jewelery, to using the kids blocks, to my button art, and the beautiful letter Kiara made Noah for his trip to hospital


There is the sign I have on our lounge room wall, and the beautiful clock my friend gave me for my birthday, as well as the gorgeous hand crafted necklace from Precious Gorgeous


I have had so much fun collecting these pictures
I hope you enjoy looking at them!

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