Brave Love

We have friends whom are going through a bit of a tough time at the moment.

The husband has been in hospital for a month now, after being sick for some time, he is more than aware of the feeling of pain, nausea, exhaustion, and feeling trapped inside a confined hospital room.

It has been a long, hard road for him, with a long way ahead before he can say he is 100% again.

With many tubes and wires hanging out from him for some time, and having been put in a medically induced coma, he understandably did not want visitors for a bit.

We finally got to go visit him last week, he looked better than I expected, yet a lot smaller than the guy we have become used to, also a lot paler, and that look of exhaustion written all over him.

I thought I had a pretty strong stomach, but after hearing some of the stories of horrific medical procedures he has endured, I found myself going fuzzy, and ended up sitting on the floor before I passed out!

I met this man through his wife, whom I became friends with first.

We have had an amazing friendship.

I look at this woman, and see a strong, amazing, generous, beautiful soul.

The only fault I can point out is that she does not see the person we all see, her ideas of herself are so low, she has no idea how absolutely amazing she is.

She has been there for me through so much; she is easily one of my closest friends in life, someone I am blessed to know.

However, this story is not about us, it is about her, and about them as a couple and a family.


On top of having her husband in hospital, she has their 3 children to care for, with their middle child having his own share of recent health concerns.

Recent windy, rainy weather resulted in a leaky roof, their fridge also decided at that point to play up, and she also took on a pregnant foster dog, assisting this beautiful creature in giving birth to 11 puppies. Unfortunately one passed away soon after birth.

For days before this dog gave birth, my dear friend had many sleepless nights checking up on her, she told me that she remembered only too well how scary giving birth is, and did not want the dog to go through the same thing alone.

This is the kind of person she is.

On top of everything else, there is of course the financial strain of endless medical bills, and the fact that their main breadwinner is off work for an unknown period of time.

I think of love, and I think of this couple.

A woman who is drained, exhausted and battered, yet she continues to take the long journey to hospital every day to see the love of her life.

I see a wife who had to assist her husband with even the most basic of skills such as showering; a task which I hear could take up to an hour to complete each day.

I see a man who hates that his family have to see him like this, his oldest boy just wanting his Daddy home with him, and who gets upset regularly about how sick his Daddy is.

Love is beautiful, it is about finding your soul mate, and sharing your life with them, it is about the happy times, about laughter, beauty and passion, it is about those butterflies in your tummy and the wonderful moments you create together.


However, love is real; it is about sharing everything with another person, the good and the bad, the sickness and the health.

So to my dear friends, this is my gift to you, it is not much, but it is words, I know using spoken words I sometimes get tongue tied and messed up, so I decided to write this post just for you. Even then I feel that I am lost for the exact words to say how awesome you all really are.

Life has thrown your family more than your fair share of drama lately.

I know you are both feeling more than a tad overwhelmed.

I just want to tell you both that I look at you as individuals, and a couple, as well as a family, and all I see is love and strength.

You are all there for each other when you need it the most.

You all love each other unconditionally, through thick and thin, hard times and good.


To my dear friends, I know you don’t feel it now, but others look at you and are inspired.

You may not feel brave, or strong, you may feel that you have nothing more left in you to give, but you are and you do.

I look at you all and I am amazed by the love you all have.

The love you have is strong, and tough, it’s brave and beautiful, the love you have is real.

That is something so many people only dream of.


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