A Second Chance In Life

As many of you know, we have been fostering cats and kittens since late last year, we have been volunteering for a wonderful local organisation called North Queensland Animal Rescue.

I found them on Facebook and had been wanting to do my part to help for a while, and finally decided to put our hand up to foster.


Of course with any job, it has not been free from work, or mess, but what we have got out of it has well and truly made up for any difficulties or work that have arisen from taking these little creatures on.

I have never owned a cat, NEVER.

I have loved the learning that has gone with the process, finding the different personalities in each cat we have fostered, and guiding them to trust us and know we are here to help them find their forever home and give them a second chance to a new life.

From the moment I joined this organisation, I have been blown away by the beautiful hearts of fellow members involved.

These people donate their time, money and hearts to help animals in need.

There is only one word to describe them, and that is passionate.

I started to write down all the wonderful, inspiring stories that I have witnessed whilst being a foster carer, but it seems that there are so many this post was starting to become a novel!

At present we are caring for Basil and Peppa, two cats who were rescued from the  pound.



They are both beautiful and different in their own way, and I just hope that they each find their perfect forever home.

The kids have really taken to being carers. Noah especially has become much better with cats from when we started.


While we are giving these beautiful creatures a second chance in life, my kids are learning many important life lessons as well, as are we.


If you live in the Cairns area and have room to help foster a cat, or even a dog, or perhaps you are looking to give an animal it’s special forever home, please check out North Queensland Animal Rescues Facebook page.

Or perhaps you can donate some time to assist with getting out flyers, or attending fundraisers.

Regardless of where you live in the world, I highly recommend getting involved in a similar organisation.

Without a shred of doubt, I can honestly say that our family have got way more out of this whole experience then we have put in.

In the process we have helped give some beautiful creatures another chance in life, and demonstrated that there are people out there with kindness and compassion in their hearts.

I sometimes wish they could talk to us, so we could know their story, where they came from, how they got to where they are today, why they now need a new home.

The blanks will never be filled in, the past will never be fully known, but for some little fluff balls, this wonderful organisation is ensuring that their future is a bright one, and with the help from some really gorgeous souls, these animals have so much more to look forward too.

*Note: After writing this post, Basil has been adopted by a family, we are so excited for him finding his forever home!*


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