Thank you Mr Policeman

Mr 3 has become shocking at keeping his seat belt on, or even getting it on in the first place.

We have had tears and tantrums to get him in his car seat, only to find out a few minutes down the road that he is attempting to get out of his seat, or pulling his arms out of the strap.

I have explained that he needs to be strapped in for his own safety, but we just do not seem to be getting anywhere, and to say it has been frustrating is an under statement.

Countless times, I have found myself pulled over on the side of a busy road waiting for Noah to be safe in his seat again.

It is a worry.

Last week we had just undergone a regular struggle of the seat belt when we arrived at the local farmers markets to stock up on our weekly fruit and veg supplies.

As we were walking around the market, I came across two burly policemen, in our area this is not that frequent, in fact Noah is convinced that Taxi cabs are actually police cars.

These officers were fully decked out in bullet proof jackets and both stood at approximately 6 feet high. They kind of looked out of place among the peaches and grapes!

I hesitated for a moment, before deciding to seize my chance, and I approached one.

“Excuse me Mr Police officer” I commenced

He looked at me with a questioning look on his face.

I proceeded “It is really important that we wear out seat belts in the car isn’t it?” I said as looking down to my son who was standing beside his Dad.

The officer did not exactly look like this, but I do not think I would have complained if he had!

The officer did not exactly look like this, but I do not think I would have complained if he had!

I expected the officer to just agree with me and on our way we went.

This big, booming voice came out “Oh yes, we need to wear our seat belts, if I find anyone not wearing them, including you young man, I will have to arrest them and throw them in jail”

OMG! I think we just overstepped the mark! But on saying that, I could not help but hide behind the apple display to suppress my giggle as Mr 3 hid behind his Dads legs.

On the way home we asked what the police man had said to Noah,

“Nothing” he replied.

When I picked Miss 6 up from a play date, she was horrified that I found it all so funny, she said it was just plain mean!

Perhaps it was, but I am happy to announce that in the week since our chat with Mr Police Officer, we have not had one seat belt incident.

A few days after the police  chat, we drove past a police car.

“Oh look! “I pointed out,” he must be out checking that everyone is in their seats properly!”

Both kids yelled from the back “my belt is on properly!”

So Mr Police officer, perhaps you scared my son a bit, at the time I thought we may have taken it too far, but I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding a way to make him stay safely in his seat, and just keep an eye out for me, I may have to come to you to assist with more issues at a later day!


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