The Return of Joy

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. I simply love taking photos.

In the depths of my depression, when I lost joy for many things, photography was one of them.

It felt like months passed in between me picking up my camera, I just did not have any urge to take a photo.

I am happy to say that the joy has returned, and while I am not taking loads of photos, I do enjoy playing around with the ones that I do take, the reminders of little moments in my life, the memories they bring with them, and the feelings that I capture as I take them.

Here are some recent photos of mine I would like to share with you, and the fact that they signal

“The Return of Joy”


Found this gorgeous tree at Emerald Creek.

We journeyed here on a recent family road trip, beautiful crystal clear water, cicadas chirping near by  and the calming sound of water running over rocks.


Feel very blessed to live in this part of the world.


Up close with a Crocodile at a local Crocodile park on our first visit as a family.


This owl at the same park reminded me of my good friend who loves owls.


Basil, our latest foster cat who narrowly missed being put to sleep at the local pound.

It has taken a while, but he is finally learning to trust people again.


Miss 6 and Basil have become good friends.


My favourite flower, always makes me feel happy!


Raindrops on a frangipani leaf.


Kids exploring a beautiful old tree at a local park.


Oh how I love the smell of coffee, AND the taste of coffee!


Mr 3 all excited to return to Kindy for the year.



6 thoughts on “The Return of Joy

  1. OMG alicia they are all stunning – thanks for sharing and I am so happy about your “return to joy”

    photography is my big challenge this year but i am determined to learn to take better photos (and in spite of my shaky hands) – what kind of camera did you take these with? are you sporting a cool dslr (any tips or suggestions?) xx deb

    • Thanks Deb! Yep I have a DSLR camera, love it, it is a cannon, but I highly recommend the site to fiddle around with your pics, lots of fun editing any photos, and I am sure with Evie and your beautiful girls that you have loads of photo oppourtunities to practice!

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