Needs And Wants

A few weeks back I posted the photo below on the right on my Facebook page, the comment read like this:

I would like to apologize to the customers of smithfield shopping centre who just witnessed Miss 6 coming down from her spending high in the most undignified way.
The kids were given christmas money from their great granny.
Miss 6 went crazy spending hers, even though I reminded her a few times that the faster she spent it the faster it would be gone.
Mr 3 spent his a little slower and had enough left to get a kmart brand pillow pet.
Miss 6 chucked a mega tanty when she realised she didnt have enough money for one too.
While I could have paid the $7 myself, kids need to learn about the value of money and delayed gratification.
I hope today helps teach her a few important life lessons.
And the joy of being a Mum is taking these tanty pics for future reference!

I was blown away by the replies, and a staggering 138 likes of the photo, that was a record for my page! It seemed a lot of people agreed that kids need to just learn to wait for things, and work towards them.


We are a household of  learning the difference between needs and wants, something in which I hope is a life time lesson for my kids, and I am very thankful for a program at Kiara’s school named “Kids Matters”, that backs up our ideals on this subject as well.

Kiara cried for ages after that photo, and when we returned to Kmart for the back to school shopping, she hinted at the pillow pet again, but I told her she had to work towards it.

She attempted to have a toy sale out the front yard, but $20 per used toy was a bit steep, and she asked me to let her go busking at the local shopping centre alone, but I told her she was too young.

In the end, she charged for tickets to her very own concert, and ended up helping me with odd jobs around the house to save up her money.

I was so very proud on Sunday when she set out to help with dishes, laundry, making dinner, cleaning the toilet and tidying up the lounge room with me.

This was more than enough to convince me to give her the remaining $2 needed for her prized item.

We went out and got it the next  day, a smile beaming from ear to ear.

When we got home, she told me she was so proud of herself, happy tears were lining her eyes.

I told her I was very proud of her too.

The things we work towards are always so much better then if they were just handed to us.

I hope this is a lesson my little girl will always remember.


6 thoughts on “Needs And Wants

  1. Im having a case of the ‘OMG I thought it was just me’ reading this Alicia! My 6yos have been saving all year and all of a sudden, these holidays, it was like the money was burning a hole in their pocket. They had to go shopping and spent it all in two days. I didn’t step in because we had talked about it over and over and they were insistent that the Monster High dolls and accessories were a matter of life or death. Now they have no money and have been telling me how much they had saved at least some of it for something they ‘really wanted’. I’m not sure they have learnt much from the experience – time will tell.

    • Oh Kirri, the joy of kids hey?! Yes,I am hoping that my Miss 6 has learnt her lesson, but as you said, only time will tell here too, fingers crossed, some times they just have to learn by making their own mistakes hey?!

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