Life is Never Dull

Once upon a time, (which in fact was really only six and a half years ago), I sat on the porch of this very house, 41 weeks pregnant and thinking to myself how totally and utterly bored I was.

In an effort to make this baby that seemed all too comfortable in my womb to budge, I had cleaned the house from top to bottom, including crawling on my hands and knees with an old toothbrush as I cleaned the grout in between our tiles (I hope the tiles enjoyed that very rare treat, as it has never been done again).

The nursery had been scrubbed clean and the chest of drawers were filled with freshly washed and neatly folded clothes.

I had read so many books that I was over reading (very rare for me), and I did not want to watch one more movie.

I was not naive, I knew that in that moment, that this was probably going to be the last time I would feel bored for a very long time, and I was right!

As any parent knows, our children fill up our hearts, our homes and our minds. They bring so many things into our lives, and teach us as much about life as we teach them.

Friends will often hear me muttering the words “Life is never dull”, and once you are a parent, that is very true.


I sit here right now, enjoying my coffee, something in which I did not drink until I became a Mum, but now am very thankful for, the house is destroyed and the washing machine is beeping to tell me that I may now empty it and fill it with load number 4 of the day.

The weetbix  Mr 3 spilt at breakfast has set like concrete into the tiles, it may now very likely become a permanent fixture of the floor, as I now know too well how hard that shit is to get up.

In my early years as a Mum, I would not go to bed until every single toy and crumb was off the floor, so that I would wake up to a spotless clean house. Well I know that no house stays clean for more than 2 minutes with kids, so I just can’t be assed any more, I hear the “looks like a cyclone hit” look is in vogue.


Miss 6 is still yet to get dressed, she is currently walking around the house in nothing but a pair or knickers and her gardening gloves and she is asking me every 5 minutes if we can go to the creek for a swim, in between the five-minute intervals, she is concuting ways in which to annoy her younger brother, who had retaliated by screaming at the top of his voice to her.

The cat that we are currently fostering from a local animal rescue organisation keeps staring at me like it is about to steal my soul. It is at the right side of kooky to fit in well with our family.

The walls in which I spent a lot of time painting a few years back as so dirty and full of handprints, paint and unidentified objects. Despite my effort to scrub them clean on a regular basis, they look like they have not been painted in at least a decade.

Mr 3 is now hiding on my lap after giving his big sister a chinese burn,  he aware that payback may be a real bitch. In the meantime he is trying to assist Mummy with her writing hhhghfuiuyuyuyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Mr 3s contribution).


I am back after a brief break of hanging washing out and setting up an activity for the kids to be kept busy for at least 2 minutes. Whilst in the outside laundry emptying the washing machine, Mr 3 locked me out. I think my nose may possible be broken as well after an accidental head but from him earlier this morning, while we were in a tickling match. My upper lip also looks like it has had a great injection of collagen as it is rather swollen from same head butting incident.

He is now using his boogie board to make out he is surfing inside, only moments earlier the same activity had him end up on his bottom……. oh well,  I guess he will learn.

Miss 6 is finally happy whilst doing a painting and chatting away.

I still need to make both our bed and Mr 3s. I was awoken at 2am this morning by hubby after Mr 3 had wet our bed after having  completed a fancy ninja move in the middle of the night and getting into our bed unnoticed. It seems that the new mattress that is not even a week old, and has had me silently praising the person who invented interest free buying terms sure got christened, just not in the usual way.

It faired better then our couch, which lasted only two days brand new before being covered in vomit.


Hubby and I then spent the rest of the night on our old mattress that has yet to be moved off the lounge room floor, it seems that 4 days of being used as an indoor trampoline has softened it up  nicely.

Mr 3 then went on to wet his bed, and add to the pile of washing with sheets, doona, pillow etc.

I think I have spent enough time on here, today is a good day, I have not put myself in time out yet, the ear phones and MP3 player have not gone on yet either to drown out the noise of the kids fighting.

images (1)

Miss 6 has decided body painting  is much more interesting then painting on paper, and Mr 3 is getting a bit too cocky and dangerous on his boogie board,I think it signals time for me to sign off.

Once load number 4 comes out of the washing machine, we will head into work at my husbands family business and attempt to remain calm and collected while I do the banking and office work with 2 kids on tow. We may just succeed today, we may not.

A few more coffees may be consumed in order to get through today, and I may even end up breaking open the wine.

Regardless of what else awaits me today, I do know that the saying runs true in our house:

“Life is Never dull” 

I wouldn’t want it any other way anyhow.


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