The Fish Are Safe With Us

The kids got their first fishing rods from their Grandparents for Christmas.

They have been itching to use them, and hubby  finally got some much-needed time off work, the poor thing was utterly exhausted.

He has 2 weeks off, but week one was pretty much a write off with both hubby and both kids getting rather sick. We pretty much just chilled out, recuperated, and hung around at home. It was really what we needed to do.

Yesterday, with everyone finally feeling a bit more “human”, we decided to break out the fishing rods, and take the kids on a much-anticipated fishing trip.

We settled on a nearby, crocodile free fresh water swimming hole, and set off on our way.


The kids were brimming with smiles as we made our way there, bubbling with excitement as we ventured closer to our designated fishing hole.

We set ourselves up and started to fish. The kids were finding it a bit hard to cast the lines, so Jamie and I both offered to “show them how it’s done”……… and show them we did, but perhaps more “how it’s NOT done!”

I cast Kiara’s line, getting pretty excited with how far I had got the hook, and feeling a bit cocky…….. until it got caught on a big rock across the stream, in the deep part.

Moments later, Jamie was shouting with delight at how high he had cast Noah’s line……….. until it got caught in the branch of a tree overhanging the creek, 10 ft up in the air!

All was not lost, I decided to wade out into the middle of the creek, and using Kiara’s rod, attempt to untangle Noah’s hook from the tree…. easier said then done!

The search was then on for a suitable branch to use to hook it out, pity most were termite damaged, and fell apart in our hands.

I then came up with the brave idea of climbing the branch in question, those who know me are aware that I am pretty afraid of heights, I am known to be dizzy by simply climbing a ladder, and for gripping so tightly to Kiara’s hand a few years ago at the annual show as we travelled on the ferris wheel.

“It’s ok Mum, I am not scared” she said to me, and it is still a joke that my reply was

“I am not holding your hand because you are scared sweetie, I am holding your hand because I am scared!”

So I bravely set about climbing this tree, that although was hanging over water, the water in the part I would need to climb was only mid calf  deep.

I huffed and puffed as I gripped onto the rocks on the edge of the creek, using every inch of strength in my body to pull myself up on the commence of my brave, yet determined climb.

I thought of how proud my kids and husband would be as they watched me do something that frightened me with bravery, courage and determination.

The spider webs in my way were pushed out as I moved on with my task at hand. I continued to pant, and puff, and felt rather out of breath, but was feeling I must be very close by now.

This is what I thought I looked like

This is what I thought I looked like

“What on earth are you doing?” was a question from Jamie that broke my inner warriors thoughts.

“I’m climbing the tree of course!” I said, before taking my surroundings in full, and realizing that all that energy and exertion had only got me up the rocky creek bank, I had not actually even started climbing the tree in question yet, and I was puffed and sore!

Ah crap!

Jamie suggested that the fallen branch right near me may be big enough to do the job, and asked for me to throw it at him. It was rather tricky getting it, but I did, and threw it as best I could, whilst holding onto the rocks at the same time………… the branch floated past him as he stood there, two fishing lines in his hand, and by this time, over it!

Fast forward another half an hour, and the lines were finally out of the tree, Kiara’s broken, the tangles were wound up, and we were all saturated.

The kids had stripped down and taken a dip in the cool water, and we used the bread we had to feed the fish rather than catch them.

Some may say our fishing trip was not successful, and in a way it wasn’t, but it was filled with lots of giggles, family bonding time, and a oppourtunity for us to laugh at each other.

Yesterday’s fishing adventure will not go down as a day the kids saw their Mum as courageous, determined and brave, but as I filled out the things that I was grateful for yesterday in my Gratitude journal last night, I could not help but smiling as I wrote down

“family fishing trip” 

You need not worry local fish, you are very safe if you stay around us!


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