Welcome to the family Beady!

For years, our daughter Kiara entertained us with amazing tales of her imaginary friends, there was Tamma and Camma, the twins she braved crocodile infested waters to rescue, they had many an adventure together, before months later Tamma and Camma deciding to return to their jungle tree house.

Then we had Ayna and his sister Sherarian (definitely original with her names!). They were orphans, and Ayna was left to raise his little sister.

I have stopped the car many time to let one or all of these people in the car, I have set an extra place at the table to feed them, or help hold their hands as we crossed the road. I have tucked them into bed as I have tucked Kiara in, and I have been part of hours of conversation with each of them.

While the rest faded away, Ayna stayed, and I went on to be celebrant/wedding photographer/mother of the bride and MC on countless occasions as Ayna and Kiara got married.

Kiara kissing “Ayna”

At the end of each wedding, Kiara would give a long and emotional speech on the love that her and Ayna had for each other as well as their friends and family.

And then the day came, Kiara came running to me to tell me that Ayna had died in a car accident, and before I knew it, I was sheeding tears for this little man, whom I had never met, but had become part of our family.

I sat there and  held my daughter as we  cried together over the loss of Ayna, without even knowing it, he had become part of our family.

Time continued, and it has been almost two years since an imaginary friend has had a place in our house. I have spoken of Ayna since, but never really realized how much I missed him and what he brought to our family………. until yesterday.

Noah approached me to say he had made a new friend, his name is Beady, and he is half dog, half (friendly) monster, and has wings so can fly anywhere. This news brought an instant smile to my face.

In the day and a half since I have been introduced to Beady, I have played with him, invited him into our car, “watched” him eat his dinner on the roof, gone swimming with him, and had him accomany our family on a trip to the local water slides for a birthday party.

Poor Beady got a bit exhausted by the fast pace of our family, so when we attended another birthday party this afternoon he had to stay home for a sleep.

Beady has kept Noah entertained with many games they have played together, and there seems to be more laughter coming from his room since Beady came to stay.

Once again our home is filled with a little more love and laughter by being joined by an “imaginary” friend.

Noah has loved answering all our questions about Beady, whom seems very clever and funny, and loves the fact he can fly everywhere.

So Beady, I welcome you to our family, if you even bring half as much love, laughter and joy to our family as Ayna did, we will be sure to remember you for years to come.

Thank you for keeping my boy company, for bringing out that amazing character of his a bit more, and thank you that by coming, you are helping 6-year-old Kiara, who has decided she is too old for Ayna, remember a little slice of magic from her past as well.

Stay as long as you want Beady, you are more than welcome here. xoox


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