Thankful for a little bit of magic

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to view a total Solar Eclipse, right in our own town.

If I am going to be totally honest, I really had not thought too much about the impending Eclipse, I was happy to hear the extra people and business it had brought to the city, but had not got caught up in the hype.

It was only after the eclipse was I to find out that it was the first time in 1300 (no I did not accidentally put an extra 0 on the end) that a total Solar Eclipse has been possible to view from Cairns, situated in North Queensland Australia. It was also viewed in other areas of Northern Australia as well.

My in-laws told us last week that they had planned on going out on their boat to view the Eclipse, and seeing our kids had yet to have a ride on their boat, would we like to join them?

Safety glasses and life jackets were purchased, and then an event in our family turned our world upside down.

Confusion, tears, hurt and anger lived in our house, and still does a bit. It is a story that I am unable to tell, as it is not my story alone, but I can only say our families life was put on its head, and we were all put on an emotional roller coaster.

The Eclipse could not have come at a better time, a little bit of adventure and something to look forward to was just what we needed.

The alarm clock sounded at 4:15 yesterday morning, and the kids were unusually easy to get up and get organised. A quick trip to McDonald’s drive in for coffee, and then onto the marina to board the boat.

The view at the Marina was magical in itself, pure bliss of calm, still water as the early morning haze highlighted the boats.

Before we knew it, we were ready to set sail.

The kids each had a turn of steering the boat with the guidance of Grandpa, and the smiles shining from their little faces illuminated my soul.

Kiara had experienced a fair bit of anxiety about falling off the boat up to the lead up of our trip, but thankfully she felt safe enough to relax and enjoy the journey and experience on the day.

The sun slowly rose as we sailed along , the sight in itself a magical and calming one.

The clouds stayed around, and we were unsure if we would actually get to witness the solar eclipse, but were happy to just be out on the ocean, enjoying the beauty of this time of the day.

Before we knew it, it was time to put on our solar glasses and prepare to view this amazing wonder.

As the moon came between the sun and earth, day suddenly seemed like night, the temperature cooled down, and our surroundings had an eerie, yet magical feeling about them.

And then we saw totality………

The amazing moment we had been waiting for, and the sight was more beautiful and magical then I can even begin to describe, and definately more so then I could have ever imagined.

We turned back to look at the mainland, and we could see thousands of tiny flashes as the people back on land took photos of the wonder in front of us all as well.

Before we knew it, the moon began to move away from the sun again, and everything went back to normal.  Everyone on the boat were full of excitement with what we had all just witnessed together, something really amazing, and something many people do not even get to view in a life time.

On the way back to the Marina I was overcome with sea sickness, and moved up to the front of the boat for some fresh air. I took the time to take in the beautiful surroundings around us, the breathtaking view, the gentle lap of the ocean, and the calm calls of the birds as they flew over our boat

The queasy feeling stayed with me, but I felt it was all worth it, because at that very moment I thought of what a truly brilliant display mother nature had put on for us that morning, and as I looked back into the boat, I saw my husband and our two kids, grinning from ear to ear, and buzzing with excitement.

The early morning start, the sea sickness, and a family of overtired people the rest of the day………. every little bit was worth it, for the magic and adventure we experienced and witnessed that day.


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