What The Sunbird Taught me

Back in the midst of my Gratitude project, I chose #190 to reflect on being inspired by nature, the words included:

“….It always amazes me how clever birds are, they essentially make their houses using their mouths, imagine doing that? No machinery, plans or engineering.

The nest got caught in a huge gust of wind…. I held my breath, was is strong enough to hold on? It did! All of a sudden the bird popped its head out of the nest, as if to say “hello!”, and my soul skipped a beat of delight. 

Here I was, feeling down in the dumps and full of doom and gloom, while this little bird sits in it’s nest, which is a little miracle in its own right. This tiny little creature is open to the elements, sitting not far away from two hungry dogs, and in a spot that catches every gust of wind and drop of rain.

Despite this all, this little bird has absolute faith in itself that it has chosen the best spot, and created the best little “home” to bring its baby into the world.

The situation is not ideal, but the bird is making the most of what it has, and where it is. 

This little bird inspired me today.”

Fast forward a year, that lovely bird left its nest with its babies not long after I wrote that post, the beautiful nest remained hanging there, in a windy area, hanging on tight, defying nature with an amazing amount of strength to hold on in even the most windy of days.

I found myself in the backyard  today, walking around doing a quick tidy up of rubbish lying around.

Soon I became lost in my thoughts, they became deep.

I thought about how I sometimes think other people do not see me for who I am, but other times the real person who finds it hard to see the person I am is simply me.

After a series of multiple symptoms, I found myself yet again in the Doctors office this week, only to find I have a stomach ulcer, hormone issues and blood tests ordered to have further investigations.

A phone call from the surgeries nurse this afternoon informed me that I also have a calcium deficiency.

The over thinker in me goes right to the point of wondering what I have done wrong. Perhaps I am not taking good enough care of my body?

With all my recent health issues, I realized that I was on the brink of a break down and was forced to step back and simplify life somewhat, as well as make time for me, something that was long overdue.

I wondered in my walk around the backyard if I was failing a bit…… then something caught my eye.

Under the frangipani tree lay the remains of that sunbird nest, having clung on for so long, it had finally succumbed to the strength of nature and broke.

I picked it up, examined it’s beauty and felt sad for a moment at it’s ending, but then I stopped to think about it a bit more.

This piece of art, and architecture that one little bird constructed using only it’s mouth.

The nest was a series of  various materials, feathers, grass clippings, spiders webs, leaves and more all woven together.

The bird would have only needed to make it to be able to last long enough to incubate it’s eggs and hatch it’s babies, yet it was strong enough to last even for another year after the nest was vacated.

I wonder if the bird had faith in it’s ability? I know this nest was at least the second attempt after the first one broke mid building.

Despite all of the signs pointing towards the bird failing at it’s mission, it accomplished what it set out to achieve and more.

Maybe I do not have the right amount of faith in my own personal abilities, maybe others don’t either, but there is only one thing to do……. prove us all wrong.

With a  bit of determination this little sunbird was able to do what seemed impossible,  and when I think of it, we all have a bit of magic inside that can make what seems impossible turn into the possible.

We all have something in us to overcome any obstacle, big or small.

Sometimes we just need to believe.


One thought on “What The Sunbird Taught me

  1. I am with you Alicia. Everyone has something to overcome, and we all do have that spark {bit of magic} inside that means we can succeed, heal and find what we’re looking for. Loads of strength and love to you. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. Beautiful! Xx

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