The Gentle Side

My 3-year-old son has been a bit full on lately.

I have scratch marks all over one of my arms from him, as well as having been punched, screamed at and dealt with numerous tantrums over the last few weeks.

He has always been a bit of a gentle soul, and I know that the gentle part of him is still there, but I do have to say the tantrums and upsets have taken its toll on me lately.

I do hope it is just a phase, and my husband and I have bonded together to be as proactive as possible to work through this stage……….. doesn’t mean that some days I don’t feel like screaming though!

Today we got a last-minute invite to meet my mother in law for a coffee.

We do not do much together, and the kids hardly see her, so I thought it was best to take up the offer.

Sitting in the quiet cafe I started getting a bit nervous as Noah started to climb under the table, attempt to jump on the chairs, and make VERY loud noises.

He then told me he loved me, nowhere out of the blue, and asked if he could give me a kiss.

“I would love one!” I replied!

He continued to turn around in his chair and make kissing noises after we had shared our own one. I turned to follow his gaze, and there was a lady in her 80s, sitting having coffee with a younger lady.

“I really want to kiss that lady” he whispered to me.

She saw us looking, I repeated what he had said, and this lady started to giggle like a school girl, with a huge smile on her face.

Noah continued to play peek a boo with the lady and her companion, and settled with blowing her several kisses that made her smile even more, though I had not thought this was possible.

As the ladies got up and prepared to leave the cafe, the older lady slowly walked towards Noah.

She leant over him, held his face tenderly in her hands, stroked both cheeks, looked into his eyes and purely smiled.

They gazed into each others eyes for a moment, and then the lady simply left.

“I think you just made her day” I told Noah.


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