Thank You, Thank you, Thank you

One of the fantastic things about working at a cake shop (apart from sampling the products!), is the fact I get to be a tiny part of many people’s joy that they have in buying a cake for themselves or someone else.

We have provided cakes for people to share with friends for morning tea, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, christenings, even cakes to be used as props in marriage proposals.

I have had a few customers come in to get a cake to cheer up a friend in need, and then there at the cakes used to say

“Thank you”

Regardless, I love the stories that come with the cakes, the stories our customers have to share. I work with my husband, and I love that he understands that I am a bit of a chatterbox. I will often come out the back after serving a customer and he will say “How on earth did you get onto that topic while selling a cake?!”

Some days I feel my customers and I solve the problems of the world together, and I am mainly really thankful for the smiles on many of their faces, young and old as they leave the shop with a delicious treat.

This week a frail man in his 70s walked into the shop. He looked exhausted, but there was still a sparkle in his eyes.

He took a while to choose his cake, in the end he decided to go with two different cakes. We chatted as I served him.

He asked me if I could put a plaque on one, I told him that was not a problem.

“What shall it say?” I asked

“Thank you, Thank  you, Thank you” he replied.

I commented that it sounded like he was very grateful for something. This man went on to tell me that this Friday marks the end of his chemotherapy treatment, and he wanted to treat the nurses who had taken such great care of him over the past 7 months of his treatment, as well as showing them how very grateful he was for them and the wonderful job they do.

We talked further, I told him that his gesture would be sure to brighten these wonderful peoples day.

I then went on to say that I hoped he was doing something to treat himself too, to mark an important milestone in a huge battle he had just gone through, and a huge accomplishment in his own life.

“Oh yeah!” he replied ” I have big plans!”

“I am all set for Footy Grand Final night, that night my dog and I are going to celebrate by watching the footy and getting drunk together”

Not sure I am keen on getting dogs drunk, though my husband later suggested that perhaps he was referring to his wife (I surely hope not!), but I was happy to hear that what may be a typical Friday night for some will be a night that will mark a milestone for this brave man.

It will be a night to celebrate life, to celebrate winning a battle, and to know that despite all he has gone through, he did it, he got there, and for that, I am sure he has lots to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for


6 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank you, Thank you

  1. I’m sure your customers are as thankful for you and your service as you are Alicia. The difference made to the day is priceless. Wish there was more people like you. Today, I’m thankful for being me, and people seeing ‘me’ in their way. For not judging or treating me different, or how I see myself. Just shame that those certain ‘family’ can’t see what others can??? But I won’t let them darken my opinion of myself any longer. xx

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