Out Of The Comfort Zone

It has been a big weekend.

Looking back over it now I realize there has been many moments of stepping out of my comfort zone.

I am happy about that.

Friday afternoon I treated the family to a lovely afternoon tea with our new tea set. I decided that it was time to stop worrying about serving little kids out of breakable cups, what is the worst that could happen?

One breaks?

Is that such a big deal?

We used my dear Gran’s table cloth as well. My Gran passed away years ago, but will always have a special place in my heart.

I have kept the table cloth for special moments, and decided that this should be one.

It felt like she was with us.

Saturday became a bit of a full on morning for me. I was tired and cranky and overwhelmed after staying up late the night before researching the net. We found out this week that my son needs and operation, nothing major, but one that will improve the quality of his life.

Problem is, the waiting period to see specialist is 2 months alone, with surgery not likely to happen till well into New Year.

We only want what is best for our kids.

Other issues have come up too, and all together I could feel the stress levels rising.

I was happy to go to work in the afternoon just to take my mind off things.I needed to talk to a friend, I needed to get out of the house.I organised to meet up with a lovely friend  that evening. She is also having a rough time, and we both needed to have a chat with each other.

We sat on the beach and talked, confided in each other, laughed, shared stories. I left feeling lighter, having a friend to talk to, whilst being soothed by the beautiful sea.

Most weekends I spend  mainly at home. Hubby works and it is sometimes just too hard to take the kids out, and there has been so much of late to do at home as well.

This morning was different, we headed off to the opening of a local business   Zoo To You new head quarters.

It was loads of fun, and a great atmosphere. I then took the plunge to hold a snake for the first time, now let me tell you snakes usually terrify me, but I decided to step out of the comfort zone, and it was actually enjoyable! It is amazing that the kids did not even hesitate to hold a snake, yet they have had me running for years whenever I am at a zoo.

We then wanted to try out our new face paints this afternoon, and after having a go doing the kids faces, my niece and the kids wanted to do mine. I would usually hesitate at this too, but decided to just let them go for it.

The paints made my face burn, and they ended up making me look like Satan, but it was fun, and the giggles and bonding was all worth it.

It was a weekend of ups and downs, highs and lows, but looking back now I realize it was mostly positive.

We had a weekend of  trying new things, having lots of fun, taking deep breaths and moving on.

Risks were taken, fears were faced, the comfort zone was stepped out of.

I am going to step out of more often I think.

I realize with getting a little uncomfortable, shaking up the routine and trying something new.

So much can be gained.


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