They Do Love Each Other!

My kids  the typical siblings who have a love/hate relationship, only lately it seems we are spending more time in the “hate” section and I am spending more moments wanting to lose my shit after multiple arguments between them.

They fight over toys, seating places at the dinner table, having a bath together, going into each others rooms,punch ups and name calling and much more.

I am left drained and exhausted at the end of the day, it feels some days they fight from sun up to sun down.

I know siblings fight, I know that even if they scream at each other how much they hate one another, there is still that deep down bond and love………. I just haven’t witnessed any of those tender moments for a while, until the other day.

Kiara made breakfast for Noah, and he praised her by saying she makes awesome food.

That made me smile.

Then at school pick up time there was a moment that had me in tears.

Kiara’s teacher gives out “clever sticks” ( coloured paddle pop sticks) for good work and behaviour in class. 5 clever sticks earns the child 1 sticker for their reward chart, after 5 stickers  they can pick something out of the rewards box. It takes 25 clever sticks to earn a reward, as you can imagine, this takes a while to earn.

I knew in the morning that Kiara was ready for a reward, and in the afternoon I found out that she decided to pick a toy car out the box to give to her brother. She told the teacher it was ” because we don’t play well together”.

As I picked her up from school, she ran to Noah to give him his gift.

Her selfless act brought tears to my eyes.

They really do love each other after all.


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