The young people who brightened my day

It’s been a tough few days, hell if I am honest, it’s been a tough few months, and fighting yet another bout of the flu is not helping.

My day yesterday consisted of cleaning up my sons vomit and nursing him while trying desperately hard not to pass out myself.

I have got pretty much every cold, cough and flu going round this season, I think the toll stress has taken on my body has knocked my immune system down, and I am a bit over it.

However, in falling over for a moment, I do know that I will get back on my feet again soon, maybe not as soon as I expected, but I will get there, and when I do, I will be stronger, I know I will.

As they say, today is a brand new day, and today was a clear example of that.

To start with, my beautiful 6-year-old gave yet another one of her meditation lessons in the comfort of our lounge room.

She has been learning meditation and yoga in brain gym at school, and has been doing demonstrations at home of all she has learnt.

Despite having done extensive meditation courses years ago, I find I am learning so much for my daughter, the gentle soothing reminder in my ear to “breathe in, breathe out”, so simple, yet works so well.

Then we have gentle Mr 3. Noah is heard daily whispering the words “I love you” constantly, he then goes on to say

“When we say I love you to people, it makes them very happy”

and indeed those words make me very happy.

Then I saw this lovely update on the face book profile of a lovely 15-year-old girl whom I used to work with:

those people that have impacted your life in a short amount of time and even though you don’t speak as often you use to, you still look up to them just as much as you ever have, and you know you will for a long time because they are the kind of people that will always stay in your inspirations from everything they have done for you and taught you 🙂

I thought they were such beautiful words, then a message appeared in my inbox from her:

“P.S, my status update is for you!” I was so touched by her kind words, such a beautiful, kind soul whom I feel so blessed to have met.

We had such wonderful conversations the days she was the junior on duty at work with me. I felt when I look at her I see a glimse of me as a 15-year-old in her eyes, then I feel pretty blessed that I do see that comparison, as she is such a wonderful soul.

Further down the track of today’s events, I took the kids to visit Daddy at work.

I let them have a short play in the park outside his work, when suddenly a teenage girl came running through the park, smiling and asking everyone to give her high fives.

As she collected the high fives, some boys who were with her counted them up, turns out she had been dared to get 10 high fives off of total strangers.

Some people just stared blankly at her, refusing to get involved in her game.

I called her over.

“I will give you a high five!”

Over she came, running, and smiling, and we gave each other a huge high five.

Kiara gave her one too, Noah decided against participating.

The group of teenagers left, laughing and talking loudly.

I felt something stay on my face……….

A smile.

To all you young people in my life today,

The ones who lifted me up, who gave me a reason to smile, who made me feel great about myself, to the checkout boy at the shops who initiated a fun, cheerful conversation, to my kids who give me a reason to smile every day,

I thank you.

People like you make me feel happy with the way our world is heading.

As long as we continue to look after each other, to smile at one another, and high five strangers.

I feel we are going to be ok.


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