The box of memories

We hired a skip bin this week to rid the yard of building rubble and debris created by our never-ending home renovations.

With a little room to spare in it, we decided to have a quick clean out of our shed, also known as “The Black Hole”.

Whilst doing this, I found a blue plastic crate, one I had forgotten I had, filled with treasures and memories.

I took a moment to sit and sort through it, things I don’t ever see me throwing out, things that brought a smile to my face, a tear to my eye, and brought up memories that in some cases I forgot existed.

Here I share some of them with you:

A childhood photo of my big sister and I

A drawing I did of my family in Pre School

My thoughts of what the world be like in the year 2000.

I did this in the year 1988, when 8 years old, got a giggle out of this.

The Bicentennial medallion given to all Australian students in 1988 to mark

200 years since Australia was founded.

Taken approx 13 years old, I was still losing my baby teeth up to the age of 16, as you can imagine, I did not get as many visits by the tooth fairy as others!

I had dreams in my teens of being an actress, whenever I went to the movies I would pretend it was me up there on the big screen.

The closest I got to this dream coming true was getting an audition for “Home and Away” and staring in a few local tv commercials.

A news paper article on my sister Tamina (pictured here with her beautiful dog Kokereka).

The article was titled “Conquering cancer”

Unfortunately a few years after this article was written, Tamina sadly lost her battle to cancer.

A note written to me by Tamina xoxo

A note Tamina’s daughter Jazmine wrote me when she was younger, she is now 15 years old and had a giggle at all her art work when I brought it out.

A  copy of the Eulogy I read at my Grandma Joyce’s funeral.

She was and continues to be one of the most influential people in my life.

There was so much more in that box to look at, photos, letters, poetry memories.

I had forgotten about that blue box.

I am glad I found it, and all the treasures it holds inside.

It was delicately packed up,

Safely put away for another day,

Another trip down memory lane.


3 thoughts on “The box of memories

  1. I was also looking through some old photo’s not long ago. Came across you, me and Shannon Laycock in a fashion parade at preschool. Thought we all looked pretty cute! 🙂
    Also still have my centenary coin.

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