The question that changed my thinking

The beautiful Sassy from Sassys Sanity celebrated her birthday this week.

I am fortunate enough to call Sassy a friend, and on her personal Facebook page she asked if her friends could share with  her their favourite birthday memory.

It got me thinking, I thought through the 31 birthdays I have had in my life so far, of the things I did, the people I got to celebrate them with.

What was my favourite memory?

I came to the conclusion it would have to be the year I got my first bicycle.

You see, I was not a child when this happened, though I did beg Santa for one every year. Mum had an accident on a bike as a child and would not allow us to have one as she thought they were unsafe.

My sister was given a second-hand one from a friend, but she was always on it, so I hardly got a go.

My heart ached for a bike, we lived on a quiet street and the neighbourhood kids would get together to go for rides, I would look on with jealousy.

I was 23 when I got my first bike.

Jamie and I were newly engaged, and I had no idea that he had even planned on buying me one.I felt like a little kid again when I saw the shiny purple machine in our loungeroom.

My heart was beating so fast, the excitement of having a bike AT LAST!

I rode my bike down the road, as wobbly as a child learning to ride without trainer wheels for the first time.Jamie ran alongside me, helping to keep me, a grown woman steady on her first bike.

We went riding in nearby parks, me squealing in delight the whole way. (people passing by looking on with confused expressions)

I smile when I think of my first moments on my first bike. I really did feel like I was reliving my childhood.

The thing is that this story doesn’t end here, you see, when I stopped for a moment to think more, I realized what else my 23rd birthday meant to me.

It was the birthday that made me older than my older sister, who sadly lost her battle to cancer at the tender age of 22.

Ever since I have played down my birthdays, as I rack them up and my sister never gets to have another one again.I have only ever remembered the tears that fell on my 23rd birthday, the guilt I felt, the sadness in my heart.

I had forgotten that my 23rd birthday also held some pretty special memories as well.

So thank you Sassy, for reminding me that even in our saddest memories, there are some bright sparkly moments to be thankful for xoxo.

And thank you to Jamie, for making my childhood dream come true, 2 decades later.


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