Little Moments #2

Another week of little moments to share:

A local suburb is called Yorkeys Knob, they hold an annual fesitval aptly named “The Festival of the Knob”. We finally went there for the first time.

This years theme was “The Knob Sparkles”, nothing like a sparkly knob 😉

The kids got to go on the giant slide

Enjoying an ice cream each at the festival

Kiara has loved taking photos for a while, she has her own compact camera, but has recently been asking to use my SLR.

She posed me for this set of photographs she took this week, it was a lot of fun.

Zen, our forever smiling dog playing dress ups (photo taken my Jazz, my niece)

the ants go marching one by one……..

Hubby’s Birthday was an excellent excuse for a yummy afternoon tea .

Teaching Noah how to do the peace sign

The kids fairy garden was looking a bit tired, so we got some new flowers for it.

One year dancing trophy (wearing burlesque costume for this weekends dance concert)

 Dr Dog Storm making sure Kiara gets better soon


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