Mummy’s Reward Chart

I recently set up another reward chart for my kids.

It seems that people’s opinions on reward charts vary, some people swear by them, others feel that you should teach your children to behave without having to have a reward to do so.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but all I can say is that since we have implemented reward charts in our house, the behaviour of my children has dramatically improved.

We use a whiteboard, with a tick for good behaviour, and one rubbed out if undesirable behaviour continues after two warnings.

After 10 ticks, the kids get $2 to put in a jar to save up to buy something for themselves.

It works, that is all that I care about.

As I handed out the latest instalments of $2 coins to the children yesterday, much to their excitement, I wondered about how nice it would be to have my own little encouragement for good behaviour, or the threat of losing a tick for negative behaviour.

I shrugged this strange idea off, but then found I kept thinking about it again.

A Mummy reward Chart, yeah, I could so do with one of them!

This morning I walked around with an imaginary reward chart on top of my head.

As I herded the kids on the daily task to get ready for school, I remained calm, even when Mr 3 refused to get dressed, then proceeded to spill his cereal EVERYWHERE.

I kept my cool when Miss 5 wouldn’t put her shoes on, and Miss 15 went missing right as were climbing into the car.

Mr 3 then ran off on me at school, right when the bell rang, and Miss 5 had her daily dose of screaming down the class room as I left.

TICK, TICK, TICK  went my chart as I remained calm, and did not lose my shit in the face of stress.

I ended up finding myself laughing at things that were probably not so funny.

The day continued, much like any other, the same little hurdles that come our way.

Miss 5 cut her foot open after school, Mr 3 refused to eat his dinner, then refused to go to bed.


This Mummy jumped these hurdles, and I gave myself an imaginary tick each time.

I also found that I was more willing to award the kids with ticks throughout the day with the knowledge of just how much we need to be aware of our feelings, and actions, and just how easy it is to loose it all when the going gets tough.

And if its that easy to loose your shit when you are an adult, I can only imagine how hard the ups and downs of a daily routine gets for a little kid!


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