A new use for spaghetti

Today Noah and I were playing with play dough.

Along with the normal play dough tools, we decided to use a bit of uncooked spaghetti and pasta shells as well.

Noah’s photo of his truck and playdough with pasta speed bump

An Echidna

Then it just got a bit silly…………..

Lovely Peacocks

Walrus Boy

Here I was thinking I needed a makeover, turns out I just needed to stick some uncooked spaghetti in my hair!

I just cannot get over the transformation!

Noah’s Self Portrait:
“My Mummy has lost the plot!”

Noah was horrified when I suggested that I keep my new “Spaghetti Hair” in place to take him to his swim lessons.

He got the last laugh though when he commenced to eat my work of hair art!


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