What can happen in a year.

See this photo above? That was taken a little over a year ago, I wish I could say it was staged, that I was faking to be sleeping in the kids blow up pool, but it is real.

I had worked 3 nights straight, and on little sleep had got up the following days to look after my kids and run a house.

I was so tired that I felt sick, I remember sitting in our front yard, knowing that I just had to fall asleep right there and then. I looked at the nearby blow up pool (which was thankfully empty), and crawled into it, falling asleep only moments later.

My husband and children found me here, and as Jamie took this photo, I was awoken by the sound of Kiara whispering “Are you dead Mummy?”

Within half and hour of this photo being taken, I was preparing dinner for the family, only to crawl into bed shortly afterwards.

My health was deteriorating, I was exhausted, drained, and looked and felt older than my years.

I was working shift work to help pay the bills, to get us a bit ahead and out of the financial rut we had found ourselves in, but I was feeling like I was just purely existing, not experiencing life around me, just one big bag of emotional, over tired mess. I was feeling pretty damned sorry for myself as well.

Something had to change, if I was not able to change my position, I had to change my way of thinking.

I commenced my gratitude project, photographing a moment in my life to be thankful for each day, and surprisingly there was lots to be grateful for, even when I was tired, overworked and exhausted.

In time I found a job that suited me and my family circumstances better, along with more sleep, and a brighter outlook on life, I started to feel a bit like “me” again.

That smile began to return, and I felt I was breathing in all the beautiful things life had to offer.

Amongst it all I stupidly began to think that being grateful would make life perfect….. it didn’t, but it did make life better.

Even now as I write this, the last few months in our house have been rather hectic, we had been renovating our house, surrounded by dust, dirt and mess, when we were suddenly forced to take our teenage niece on, forcing a stall in the renovations while we set her up, organised a new school for her, a place for her to sleep, and many other things.

As a result I now have a very close family member refusing to talk to me, and spreading some pretty nasty gossip and false stories around our small town about me.

We have had some tough times, no tougher than anyone else, but money has been tight, emotions have been high, and we have all felt a bit drained. The kids have also been effected by the changes in our house, including Jazz, my niece who has found herself at a new  house, in a new family dynamic and about to start a new school.

6 months ago our family unit looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

Yep, we are a bit of an eclectic bunch, we are still trying to find our way in our new situation, a few hurdles and obstacles have come our way, but we will get there, slowly (hopefully).

A lot can happen in a year, a woman can fall pregnant, and have her baby in that time, someone can move to a new city, start a new job (or several in some cases).  There are people who were alive and breathing this time last year who are no longer with us today.

Time stops for no one.

In the space of a year we laugh, cry, learn, stress, rejoice, celebrate, most importantly we all grow as people, every single day, we learn something new, maybe meet a new friend, find a new passion, grow a little more.

In the last 365 days, in this last year, I know I have grown. I have documented all the wonderful things in my life, as well as acknowledging all the things that have not been so great. I have learnt from some, grown a bit stronger, a bit wiser.

There is still loads of learning to do, some obstacles in my way that I still need to climb and move on from, I will get there, once again slowly, step by step, but I will get there.

A lot can happen in a moment, an hour, a day, a week, a month, and when you put all those possibilities together……….

So much can happen in a year.


10 thoughts on “What can happen in a year.

  1. Beautiful Alicia. I’ve so enjoyed following along on your journey of gratitude. Congratulations on reaching your goal. Always remember, there is a plan for all of us, and where we are right now, is exactly where we’re supposed to be. Warmest wishes & blessings to you. xo

  2. This hits my heart very hard. Here I sit after a week of work that was HORRID. I moved back home, 1,000 miles away from where I’d moved to when I was 18 and out of school, just to become EXTREMELY homesick and needing a divorce for my protection.
    It’s now been a YEAR for me, and so thats another reason your blog entry made my eyes and my heart cry. I think I’ve been expecting everything to instantly fall into place and be perfect, where as in 365 (which go by SO QUICKLY) things cannot magically be made “okay.”
    I have to realize Im just SO HAPPY to be HOME, and away from the bad situations I was in last year. I know problems abound now matter where you are, and I guess thats part of my lesson I need to learn. Right now Im just praying so very diligently that God puts me in all the right places I need to be, because in one year, I’ve tried 3 work places and to my dismay they’ve all been ROTTEN. Its so hard to tell myself IT IS NOT ME, because I’ve been beating myself up for days now. Im doing all I can do and its not good enough for this “boss” and she has to cuss at me over the phone while telling me everything that is wrong with me. I see now through talking it out with friends and family that SHE clearly has issues managing people, AND a business. Thats fine, I see that. But what is God telling me to do??? Because I want somewhere to work where I can be for a VERY VERY VERY long time.
    But anyhow, sorry to get off on a tangent about me. Just wanted you to know how much this entry of yours REALLY REALLY helped me and I NEEDED to read it today. (great now Im crying)
    I’ll say prayers for you and your newly grown family, and I admire you so much!!! Like I’ve told you, I HAVE BEEN there, adopting a cousin who was only 10 years younger than me back when I was 25. I know the beauty and the hard times that come all rolled into a ball when taking in a young family member.
    I too had people spread nasty rumors and say the meanest things about me when I would go through life changes, and what we must realize is that THEY ARE NOT IN OUR SHOES, and do not know all the things that we do.
    THANK YOU times a million for this great post.

    • Oh you poor darl, you sure are having a tough time lately, but as you said, lots can change in a short amount of time. I am sending you a huge cyber hug and hope things are on the up hill for you soon. Take care of yourself xx

  3. So much happens every day and that adds up to a lot of changes in a year. You are right: being grateful doesn’t make it ‘perfect’ but it does make things better. x

    • things sure have changed a lot since then.
      Congratulations on your fantastic milestone approaching- that is very exciting, and you should be very proud of yourself Deb xoox

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