The most powerful words

A week ago I watched the movie “The Help” for the very first time. It was a movie that captured my heart and has been in my mind ever since.

So many important messages in it about racism, prejudice, and parenting.

I feel I would write a novel if I covered them all, but I have really been thinking about the Nanny/Housekeepers in the movie.

Actors portraying a huge part of history.

Women who maintained other people’s houses, and raised other people’s children while they missed out on watching their own children grow up.

For those of you who have seen the movie, you will remember that beautiful little girl who thinks of her Nanny more as a Mum then her own biological Mother.

Her Mother does not seem to know how to talk to her, how to hug her, or how to just be with her.

The bond between Nanny and child was huge.

I loved the words that she would use as she sat the little girl on her lap:

“You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important”

Such simple words, yet so very powerful with their meaning.

While this movie was set to portray history’s events, the meanings are still valid today.

So many people want to give their children presents, rather than their presence.

Our children do not need to feel pressured to be the best athlete, smartest student, or most attractive person.

They simply need to be encouraged to be themselves, to know that they are unique, beautiful and special just as they are.

For the past week I have been thinking of these powerful words, as Kiara drifted off to sleep the other night, I whispered all the things that I love about her into her ear, with positive affirmations about what a wonderful little person she is.

My usual insomniac drifted off to sleep that night with a smile on her face.

I sat Noah on my lap yesterday and as I tickled his hand, I told him that he was kind, important and smart. He asked me what important was.

“It means that you have a lot to offer the world little boy”

“It means that you are special, just because you are you”

I hope my children grow up knowing that I love them, and are so proud of them just for being the people they are.

They may never get an A+, they may never win a race at sports, or a beauty contest, but I do hope that they grow up with the knowledge that as long as they do their best in life, as long as they keep a kind heart towards others,  that is all that can be asked of them.

And that they are loved, cared for and admired, purely for being the unique little beings that they are.


4 thoughts on “The most powerful words

  1. I very much agree with this sentiment. I only hope that my boys grow up feeling special and important just because they are who they are.

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