Taking time to smell the roses (or choc chip cookies)

All my Grandparents have passed on. Between Jamie and I we only have his Paternal Grandma Colleen. I think of her as a surrogate Granny myself, and love that my children have got to know at least one Great Grandparent.

Granny has had cancer a number of times, and with high doses of chemo to rid her body of cancer, she also lost her sense of smell.

Sometimes I will be talking about something such as how much our lounge chairs ended up stinking after the recent wet weather, and she will say quickly “can you please smell my lounge chairs to make sure they don’t stink either? How embarrassing, I can never tell!”

More than once she has asked me to let her know if her house smells as she cannot tell herself.

It gets me thinking, we all have these amazing senses that we all just take for granted, yet some people don’t have, or no longer have.

I really rely on my sense of smell, in the early stages of motherhood we rely on it to let us know when our baby needs a nappy change (how glamorous!), or to know when there is something that needs cleaning.

The good part of smell is walking past someones house and smelling the wonderful dinner they are cooking, and wondering what it is, or the ability to smell a flower, a lovely meal, or that beautiful perfume that you have loved for years.

Holding our neighbours baby the other day, I caught myself sniffing him and saying “oh how I love the smell of baby!” (thankfully his Mum did not think I was weird!).

When I do the fruit and veg shopping, I find myself smelling all the beautiful fresh produce as I put it in the bag, it has now got into a habit that I pass an orange onto the kids to smell, they close their eyes, take a deep inhale and smile.

I love the citrus smell, the smell of a lovely bunch of flowers, or fresh rain outside, the smell of the kids after a shower and they are clean for the night, the list could go on.

The other day I was near Granny’s house, so decided to pop in for a visit, the kids needed to wash their hands, so I took them to the bathroom, and soon found myself commenting on how nice her soap smelled.

Then Granny offered us all a choc chip cookie. Her favourite she told us, she told us, and she has one each night before bed with a glass of milk before bed.

Once again I found myself taking in the beautiful aroma as I took a bite of the cookie.

“Wow! These smell beautiful” I said

“Really?” Granny asked

“You know I can never smell them myself”, I saw a flash of disappointment on her face.

For a brief moment I had forgotten about her lost sense of smell. I was about to apologise, to move on, but I decided to take the moment to explain the smell of the cookies to her.

“They have the lovely home-made smell, I said, and the bits of chocolate pieces in them bring out this delicious, warm, sweet smell, they smell beautiful.”

I looked at Granny, she smiled.

She may have lost her smell, but not her sense of imagination.

Most of us have the sense of smell, along with all the other senses of Touch, Taste, Sight and Sound, yet we often take these blessings for granted, we go along the path of life just thinking that is what we have, we don’t take the the time to slowly enjoy things

The sound of laughter or a beautiful song that touches our heart.

 The ability to see a sunset or  rainbow or watch our children play. 

Being able to feel a hug from a loved one, or the sprinkle or rain on our skin.

 Tasting a beautiful meal or treat, enjoying each mouthful,

And of course, the ability to smell a beautiful rose, or a choc chip cookie.

Lets all start to slow down a bit, take the time to be thankful and enjoy some of the many things we take for granted every day. You will be amazed what you find.



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