If all else fails, “ad lib”.

Easter Saturday, I was thinking of the fact that we had only got chocolate for the kids, we usually get eggs or a bunny each for our extended family as well.

I have had so much else on my mind, and worked on Easter Saturday too.

I printed out some easter template cards for Kiara to colour in for everyone, she loved doing that.

Then I started to wonder what I could make to give everyone?

The shops were shut by this time , it would have to be something that we have the ingredients for.

I thought of Chocolate Balls, I made them as Christmas gifts a few years back, they were yummy and a hit. I set about finding the recipe, nowhere to be found, so off to google I went.

Most recipes called for basically the same ingredients:

Arrowroot Biscuits

Condensed Milk

Cocoa Powder


Easy enough…….. if you have those ingredients. I was sure we had a packet of arrowroot biscuits in the cupboard, turns out we didn’t, and I threw out the coconut a few weeks back when it did not look so great, and have not replaced it. We have cocoa powder, but it’s pretty old, did not know if I could trust it.

I remember once making the chocolate balls with crushed up wheet bix instead of arrowroot biscuits, perhaps I could try that?

So I set out………. I started to make some chocolatey balls, with ingredients I could find in the cupboard. I really did not know what I was going to put in until I started to make them, much to my husbands horror, he works cooking cakes every day to particular recipes, he is shocked by my “ad lib” recipes. I tend to just guess amounts of ingredients or add extra things in.

This is what I ended up putting in our chocolate balls:

Wheetbix crushed up

A can of condensed milk


Chocolate Ice Cream topping

A tub of light cream

100s and 1000s to roll the balls in when finished.

It was very much a case of ad lib, just putting what I thought of as we went along. The kids thought it was lots of fun and enjoyed helping, the whole time we really did not know if they would turn out or not.

I am happy to say that the end result was a success! We wrapped them up in baking paper, tied with some ribbon from the craft draw and Kiara put some foam stickers on each.

Granny was the first one to receive one of our little homemade packages, she said they were delicious!

Now, please don’t ask me for exact recipe, because I do not remember it now!


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