Dear Mr Post Office Man…………

Dear Mr Post Office Man,

I have lived this side of town for over 9 years now, and in the whole time you have been working at the local post office.

You don’t smile, sometimes you don’t even talk, you just take the item, scan it and grab the money off me, or get the parcel I have come for.

Once you even chucked my change at me.

You seem very sad.

I told my husband about 6 years ago that I would make you smile, I was determined there was a way to make you smile.

I tried everything, big, cheerful greetings, and “have a fantastic day”, asking you how you were that day. I even once saw you while I was working and threw you a huge smile, you didn’t smile back, I don’t think you even noticed someone was smiling at you.

Then the other day a miricale happened………… you smiled!

I was so suprised that I did not take note of what made you smile, but I do want you to know that when you smile it makes you look kinder, your smile suits you.

I went home and told my husband excitedly “he smiled. AT LAST!” This made me pretty happy, because I was wondering if I would ever get to see it.

Recently I ordered some bulk books online for the kids, for some reason the company has been posting them one at a time, so Mr Post Office Man, you and I have been seeing a lot of each other when I come to individually pick those books up.

I got a bit cocky after the smiling incident, I thought I could progress to a laugh right away, so next visit I told you a joke, you didn’t laugh, you didn’t even smile.

I think you may have a big, hearty laugh, and it would probably make you feel really good to use it.

So here’s the deal Mr Post Office Man.

The book company is sending one last book, it is due to arrive in the next week.

I am just warning you, I am seriously considering pulling out all stops to make you laugh.

If a crazy lady comes into your shop, dressed in a wild costume, tap dancing and playing a one woman band, it is me.

All I ask of you is one thing…………. just laugh.

You never know, it may do you some good!


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