You Know You are a Mum when………….

The Beautiful Sassy over at Sassy’s Sanity has invited me to make my own list of “You Know You are a Mum when”………….  after her list  had me nodding my head and giggling at how much I could relate to it.

So here goes:

You Know you are a Mum when ………………

You find yourself asking “Is that stain chocolate or poo?!”

It’s a treat to try on clothes without the fear that your child will open the change room door while you are semi naked.

You understand how it feels to be so tired you want to vomit.

You can see why there is a term called “Baby Brain”, after you put the milk in the cupboard and cereal in the fridge.

You appreciate your washing machine and how much work it does for you and your family.

You feel you may well qualify for a frequent visitor card to the emergency department.

You look at your children and are amazed at the fact you grew these little beings inside your body

You find yourself scrubbing and disinfecting your wedding and engagement rings as they have somehow got caked in your childs poo.

You find yourself telling an adult to “Use your words” while they are arguing with another adult.

You crawl into bed after a long day to find you are laying in a pile of biscuit crumbs left behind by your child earlier.

You look at the house after you have spent what seems like hours cleaning it and think “This aint going to last like this for long”.

The meaning of  “love” and “pride” are taken to a whole new level

You have moments that you have to decide between laughing or crying – on a daily basis.

You think the time they decided to put cartoons on tv all day long was a god send.

You go to put your child to bed at night, only to find that there is a huge dry wee stain on their bed, meaning they must have wet the bed the night before and you only just noticed now!

 (please tell me that’s not just me?!)


3 thoughts on “You Know You are a Mum when………….

  1. A couple of mine are:
    1) Being suprised that you actually got to go to the toilet in peace and then wondering “What is he up to?” because you actually did get to go to the toilet in peace.
    2) You wonder how you ever survived with a small handbag
    3) Getting up at 6am is a lie in

    • Yes to the toilet one. I always figured if I needed my kids, I didn’t need to holler out to them – I just went to the toilet and, hey presto, they turn up.

  2. You start to plan dinner and realise you are still in your pajamas.
    There is no such thing as “quickly going to the store”.
    You can lose hours just watching your child play and are amazed by how they see the world around them.

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