Go Easier On Yourself – I am enough.

Home Life Simplified Challenge: Week 9 – Go Easier on Yourself

I have just deleted my original post for this weeks challenge, it was long winded, disjointed and in the end even I could not understand it!

I do have to say that  this weeks challenge was a timely one, definitely one that came useful in the week I have just had.

In a recent post of mine, I explained how I feel that I have finally come to a point in my life where I accept myself for exactly who I am, all the quirks and traits that make me the person I am.

While this is true, I still think I am rather hard on myself with the expectations I lay on myself, mostly on a daily basis.

I get to the end of the day and berate myself for not ticking off all the things on my list, the fact that I have gone to bed with a couch filled with unfolded washing, or that I was so tired that we have not eaten anything more fancy then scrambled eggs on toast or sausage rolls and salad for dinner for the last few nights.

Its motherhood and managing a house that I find are the areas in which I am so hard on myself, I feel lazy, unmotivated and not so up to the job at times.

This week was so great, as I used the challenge as a reminder to whisper to myself throughout the week:

“I am enough”

Soon enough those words started to have the desired effect.

I am not superwoman, and no one (including myself) should expect me to be.

I make mistakes like everyone else, but this is always a great way to learn.

At the end of each day, there is always the knowledge that no matter how bad it went, or how many things went wrong, there is always tomorrow, a clean, fresh slate to try again.

So this week I went to bed earlier, to read and relax before sleep.

I chose to play with my kids over housework (though with the current renovations, housework was  pretty useless anyway!).

I reminded myself that I was human, and it was ok to be down at times, to be tired, to be drained, it was ok to listen to my body even if there was a millon things that were screaming to be done or sorted.

Amongst all this, those three simple words “I am enough” provided me with lots this week, the reminder that even if I am not like others, even if I feel like a failure at times, I am not:

I am enough


13 thoughts on “Go Easier On Yourself – I am enough.

  1. I love this post. Simple and too the point (I would have loved to see your long winded one haha). Well done on going to bed earlier – I bet the relaxation time did you the world of good (as long as you can turn the light off at a decent hour – this is my problem as I get engrossed in my book!)

  2. I think the telling thing of this week’s exercise is that we ALL feel we are not enough, that we are failing at at least one thing in our lives, but our friends, our family, our fellow-bloggers see strong, passionate, inspiring women, and forgive us for our short comings, or flat our deny we have them, yet we can’t give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. IT feels good to just say, “I am doing my best. I am being my best. And that is more than good enough. I love all your quotes, too, but most especially the last one!

    • Yes, I have noticed the theme amongst us all, we are all easy to be hard on ourselves, judge the parts of us other people dont even notice! Thank you for your feedback!

    • You are so right, that everyone around us see us as strong, passionate, inspiring women but we can’t see that within ourselves. If only we could look only judge ourselves at the same level we judge others.

  3. Your first sentence put a smile on my face 🙂 I wrote half my post last night and I couldn’t understand it either. I’ve also had a tough week but didn’t manage to let the words “I am enough” get in to my mind as much as you did. You’ve given me hope though and I will continue to whisper them to myself this week and see how I go. Thank you so much for sharing

    • thank you for your feedback, yes I found those simple words of “I am enough” made a big difference at taming those negative thoughts down in my head, I hope it works for you! And my first post was all over the shop!

  4. “I get to the end of the day and berate myself for not ticking off all the things on my list” – I’ll give you a sneak peek into a future post I have planned – there is no end to our to do lists, there never will be so perhaps just aiming to do what you can with what you have (energy, motivation, time) and do more the next day. take a little pressure off!

    You are doing an awesome job Alicia – sausage rolls included!

    • well said Deb, and thank you for a timely challenge, I think this weeks challenge is also a very timely one for me “facing your fears”. you are right, there is no end to our to do lists is there?!

  5. I love your saying about kind words. It truly can make your day when someone says something kind to you. So I try to do the same. I think its important to try not to pick something about the way they look but something a bit deeper…saying that a lady in Perth yesterday told me she loved my purse…and it made me smile and have a conversation with someone I never would’ve otherwise.

  6. Yes you are enough!! I think this will be my three words to myself this week too!!!! Motherhood is a hard job and we are soo hard on ourselves but really like your first quote says – noone else knows what they’re doing either!! And that is soooooo very true!!!!

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