Mission Statement

Week 3 of  Home Life Simplified Challenge is to create a Family Mission Statement.

To do so we sat down as a family and discussed what we thought we do well, what we think we need improvement on, and what we would like to see more of.

Our little family meeting was rather funny. Kiara is 5 and had lots to talk about, even if a huge chunk of it was not to do with the subject on hand, but she was interested.

Noah is 2 and was coming up with random comments, but was also commenting on trips we had taken as a family that he liked, a ride on the local skyrail that was a fun day for all of us, and even though was almost a year ago, must have held some sort of fond memory in his memory bank for him.

We had lots of laughs together, and the discussion got way off track, but it also showed us what we are good at, working as a team and having fun together, we work best when we are doing that, as I imagine most family units do.

With all the thinking of Family Mission Statements, and personal and family values, we decided to make a “Value Tree”, we decorated twigs with all sorts of collage materials, and hung the words of various values that we feel are important to us. It is now sitting at our front door, a reminder of what we all wish to stand for.



Our Family Mission Statement 

We will support, encourage and celebrate each family members unique qualities. 

We will also do this in the community. 

We endeavour to interact with each other and the community with kindness, compassion and respect. 

We will not yell at each other when tired, upset or angry, but rather take a moment to ourselves to become calm.

We will use kind words, respect and manners when interacting with others.

We will celebrate and  encourage each family members goals and achievements.

We will respect each others personal belongings and need for space.

We will focus on the beautiful and abundant things we have in our lives and remember to be grateful.

We will make the most of family time.


It would have been easy to continue with this statement, to make more of it, but I reminded myself that this was about keeping it simple.

I found by sitting down as a family, we all really value time together, no matter what we are doing, unfortunatley this is not regular, with Jamie having his two days off a week while Kiara is at school, and working long hours the rest of the time.

“Family time” is very rare, so I think the main thing is that we do really need to make the most of it, as it is important to us all.

 We also discussed how well we work when we unite as a team, yet how we can sometimes work on the way in which we communicate with each other.

In thinking of all we wish to stand for, along with our mission statement, I think we best sum up our family by saying:





Yep, I’m happy with that! ( now hopefully I will stop talking in my sleep about Family Mission Statements, its driving DH mad!)



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7 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Love the value tree! What a fantastic idea.
    I’m also pleased to read about a 2 year old contributing to the discussion. I think I might ask my 3 year old (only just 3) a few questions tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing.

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