HLS Challenge: Week 2 – Define Your Values

Week 2 of the Home Life Simplified Challenge http://www.homelifesimplified.com.au/ was to Define Your Values.

Sounded fairly easy at first view right?

Wrong! This one was a real challenge for me, a real thought provoking challenge, but one I am glad to have worked through.

So here was the list of the Values that stood out most to me:












Self Development

Then it came to cutting the list down to what I thought was the 5 most important Values to me.

One thing I found important in this excersise, was thinking of what is most important right now, some of these values would have been more important a year ago, but not as high up on the list now, and I think some that are important now may make way to others down the track. After all, our lives, goals and situations are forever changing.

 I do not know if that is how others undertaking this excercise also felt, but I needed to be true to myself and come out with what I thought, rather than what may be expected of me.

So my Top 5 Values ended up being:





Self Development

Time to rank them in order of what I felt was most important:

#1: Family:  

 My family is very important to me. When Jamie and I first married, I thought of that moment as us becoming our own family, the begginning of our very own chapter, even before we became parents.

I love that by having kids of our own, we can demonstrate our own values, beliefs and ideas with them. We can learn from our mistakes of our past, know what did not work  for us as children, and hope to guide our own the best we can.

For me, it feels like we have been given a fresh, clean slate, every family has its dysfunctions within it, both of us are no stranger to that, and while we never aspire to be “perfect”, we are aiming to be the best we can be.

I also find time with my family very valuable at the moment, with Jamie working every weekend, and only having his 2 days off in the middle of the week, once Kiara starts school in just over a week, there will not be one day a week where all 4 of our family members are at home, and as Jamie works late on the nights he does work, we need to make the most of every little second we have together.

It is not the most ideal situation right now, but its the situation we have to deal with.


#2: Health:

  With 2  mild  health conditions, I realise how hard it is to live a normal day to day life when you are not 100%.  I have been in absolute pain, know what it is like to be completely exhausted, and the feeling of just merely “exisiting”.

With proper treatment, I can live a normal life, and I really appreciate that.

I value health as I know how hard it is to function when we are not feeling our best, and am thankful for my health.

I also aim to continue eating better, as well as excersising more, to ensure that I keep my health at the best it can be.

 #3 : Gratitude:

Practising gratitude has become a very important part of my life.  Taking a moment daily to look at all the little things that I have to be grateful for has been a wonderful step in my life.

I am an overthinker, who can sometimes let my thoughts carry me away to a place where I really make a moutain out of a mole hill.

Therefore I do find that being Grateful grounds me a lot, even when it seems there is a lot happening in my life, and things get a bit overwhelming, I can always find something  to be grateful for. Sometimes the snow ball effect into negative thinking is just way too easy to take off,  so taking stock of all the things in my life that are great brings me back to a more positive outlook.

In turn, I am appreciative when others demonstrate gratitude, and have found since I have been showing more gratitude to life, it has been coming back to me as well, I don’t know if its just that I am more focussed on it, but I find that my kids are a lot more grateful as well.

#4: Self Development:

I think as people we always have something new to strive for or work on, we are all developing each and every day.

Personally I find at any given time I may have a few things in my life that I need to work on, or work at.

I value Self Development as it is important to always look towards being the best person you can be at any given moment.

This may include having the courage to try something new, no matter how afraid you are, the ablility to be more assertive when others put you down, learning how to best deal with certain situations or just simply learning something new that makes you a better, stronger person.

#5: Balance:

I value Balance in life, work, family, friends, play, housework, time alone, there is a lot of people and things to cram into our every day life, and I think at times it can become a bit overwhelming to work out how much time gets spent on each and every section in your life.

Balance is important to me, as I can feel overwhelmed if the scales tip too much in one direction, I also want to make sure that there is lots of fun in life, not just the mundane tasks that seem to sometimes take up a large chunk.

I have found that I can work out little ways to balance my daily routine out. If we are having a day at home, and I have spent most of the day doing chores around the house, I can start to feel a bit drained by it all, so I will often make sure I take some time to go outside to just sit, take in the fresh air, feel the breeze on my face, watch the birds fly by, encourage the kids to run around. I have found this is a great excercise for me to balance out my day.


So that is my 5 top values! It really was a lot harder to pick then I imagined.

I felt that I picked Values that I need or want in my life at this point in time, but I do think that as times goes on, and situations change, our values may also change as well.

I would like to think I have core values and morals that are forever embedded into me, of being a reliable, honest, trustworthy person, I would like to think these are values that I do not have to think about our rank as they are just who I am.

By approaching this challenge in that manner, this was the only way for me to successfully narrow down to the final 5 values.


I am linking up with Deb from Home Life Simplified http://www.homelifesimplified.com.au/ for the Home Life Simplified Challenge.












10 thoughts on “HLS Challenge: Week 2 – Define Your Values

  1. I’m doing Deb’s challenge too and found your blog through her linky. I love the way you broke everything down and explained how you came to each value. And you’re right – this was a really tough exercise!

  2. i really liked your part on gratitude – as a fellow over thinker, i appreciate how hard it is to slow down and not create mountains, and that focusing on gratitude helps to find grounding.
    great post!

  3. I love it… I was trying to figure out a way to write this all down that wasn’t JUST a list and you made it into a great post. I admire your values as well!

  4. wonderful post Alicia – i especially loved your part on self development as that is important to me too and many things are connected to it including learning and growing in the other areas you have listed. gratitude became my personal development for 2011 and i have a feeling balance will be my big one for 2012

  5. I know right tough job. From the blogs I’m now reading after posting mine, I am like oh yes. YES. Heck to the yes 🙂 I think at all stages of life we embody more but at this particular time I love how you identified each particular one and highlighted each. Well done hon. 🙂

  6. I found you through Deb’s blog too! I’m participating in the challenge as well (albeit a few weeks behind!) Your part on gratitude really spoke to me, while I’m very grateful for my life and those in it I don’t think I take the time to stop and really appreciate it.

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