Mixing the Genes

Before having children, I didn’t think much about what kind of personality they would have, or really much about what they would look like (probably because I was too busy having anxiety attacks about how painful actually giving birth would be!).

While I think that each individual human being is their own unique person, there is definitely signs to show that genes have a big play in things as well.

In my days of Early Childcare study, we learnt about Nature vs Nurture, the traits that you are born with genetically, compared to how you develop as a person through how you are raised, and what you encounter in the world. This study demonstrated twins that were separated at birth, raised by completely different adopted parents, yet held very similar personalities, likes, dislikes, and pathways in which they had taken throughout life.

So now I come to my children.  Why did I never foresee the “interesting moments” that would lay out for us, with an emotional, insomniac, stubborn  chatterbox (me), making babies with an impulsive, stubborn  daredevil (Jamie).

Well, I can tell you what came from that genetic combination!

Lots of sleepless nights, emotional moments and trips to the emergency ward! As well as lots of foot stomping, hands on hips “I will do it my way!” moments.

I am constantly heard muttering “Life is Never Dull”, and it really isn’t in this house, it is filled with moments of high emotion, daredevil stunts (from Jamie as well as the kids), and more than our fair share of sleepless nights.

On saying this, if I was given the chance to do it all over again, to pick the perfect parts of Jamie and myself to hand down to our children, to make sure they only had our “good” traits, would I do it? No way, not for a moment.

Why? Because each little one of these traits of our children all mix together to make them the little people they are, they force me to see the parts of me that need working  on, the bits of life that make me uncomfortable. While my children continue to grow and develop into the individuals they are, they continue to teach me more of life’s lessons, and some more things about Jamie and myself as people.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have times I fear about what lays ahead of us, only listening to Jamie and his mate telling stories of their wild youth, in which they both thought they were invincible, and what sometimes leads me to wonder how on earth my husband made it to his 30’s, left me a touch stressed about what sort of wild things my 2 will one day get into as well.

Can I stop them making mistakes in life? No, cause some mistakes we need to make, in order to learn from and grow as people.

Will I always have moments of worrying about my children? Yes, I am a Mum, its natural.

Though I must take a moment to remember, they are human, they are unique, these two little beings have their own destiny in life, their own path leading out for them, with many choices that only they can make.

 While the fact that they have Alicia and Jamie as parents reflects onto them throughout their life, at the end of the day, those 2 little people I tuck into bed at the end of the night are the only people in this life who are completely in control of the adults and humans they become.

All I can do it guide , nurture and encourage them the best I can. It is all any parent can do to help shape their children into the best people they can be.


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