Over dressed

In a sarcastic mood recently, when I was informed that I was to not get dressed up at a function I was invited too, I replied.

“That’s a shame, I had my wedding dress airing out, all ready to get another wear out of, not I am going to have to go to the trouble to box it up again!”

(Yes, I am immature, yes, I am a shit stirrer!)

In a conversation afterwards with Sassy from  Sassys Sanity  http://sassyssanity.blogspot.com/, we spoke about what a shame it is that you only get to wear your wedding dress once.  I have got to wear mine twice, as it was also in a fashion parade for wedding dresses amongst the years, but regardless, it hasn’t got much use, and it does seem a  pity that,  after our wedding day, our dress just gets bundled up and put away.

Jamie and I on our wedding day, August 2004

 On my wedding day


Then our conversation turned a tad silly, imagine how fun it would be to dress up in your wedding dress and just do “stuff” in it?!  It didn’t take Sassy and I long to decide to go ahead and do just that!

Cooking delicious macaroni cheese for dinner, complete with a horse shoe I was given on our wedding day, and the lovely tea towel draped over my shoulder (ended up burning the saucepan!)

hoola hoop time!


having a go on Kiara's scooter


Needing to chop down a tree? Why not do it in your wedding dress!


Although you can't see it in this picture, Kiara and I are actually table top dancing (what a great role model I am hey?! NOT!). She wanted to get dressed up as my flower girl!


Pretending I am Kate Winslet in the Titanic, swapping the Titanic for a Triton.


now its just getting silly

pretending I am flying on the roof of my car?! Alright, time to end this, its just getting down right ridiculous!

I promise I wasn’t drunk when these pics were taken, just a little bit crazy!
In the end, I wasn’t able to go to the function in question, dressed up or not. I ended up staying at home with the kids.
So Sassy, now it’s your turn to show us your wedding dress up pics, and if anyone else out there wishes to do the same, please feel free to post yours on my facebook page.
 Lets get a tad crazy together!

4 thoughts on “Over dressed

  1. how neat! loved the post and pics. i had a theme wedding. cowboys and indians. i’ll have used my dress as a halloween costume a couple times since our wedding in 2003. i’ll have to dig out some pics and post on FB for you.

  2. Love it! Think I might have a bit of a wait to be able to join in the fun, baby body does not fit into wedding dress 😉 love it all you crazy mumma!

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