The first friend.

When I was 4 months pregnant with our first child, my husband suggested we get ourselves a dog, one that could grow up with our baby.

Later down  the track he would make the same suggestion when I was 4 months pregnant with our second child, and we would go on to purchase our second dog from an animal shelter. Oh boy I am glad our baby making days are over, otherwise we may well end up with a zoo!

So that is how Storm became  a part of our lives, a gorgeous little labrador pup, who was in a way our practice baby, and if possible made me more excited about becoming a Mum.   She would snuggle up to my pregnant belly, as though she knew that in there was her best mate, growing, ready to come meet her at last.


Something that made Storm extra special was finding out that she shared the same Birthday as my sister, it was strangely comforting to know that had something in my life that would grow each year, and celebrate a new milestone on that day, as my dear sister would no longer be able to celebrate her birthday, and that date had been marked with sadness up until now.

Before we knew it, our little bundle of pink was born, and after a few days, we got to take Kiara home, and that’s when a true friendship began.

Kiara and Storm meeting for the first time

Kiara and Storm meeting for the first time

Storm was in love from the first day, when visitors came around to see our new baby, Storm would sit and watch as they held Kiara, only being at ease once she had been handed back to one of us.

If Kiara would cry, so would Storm, the bond was noticeable by all. Jamie and I joked that she thought she was a nanny dog.

That’s not to say that Storm was an angel dog, she chewed, she destroyed, she stole, she created mischief. While she was still a pup, I read the book “Marley and Me” about a rogue labrador, and on more than one occasion I could see the similarities between Marley and Storm.

We have never been able to grow any garden in our backyard due to Storms destroying abilities, and the kids have learnt the hard way not to leave toys out there, in fact we have even witnesses Storm eat a variety of things including aluminum cans!

"What are you looking at?!"

Storm looked on as Kiara met many of her important milestones, I also felt like she was a friend for me as I entered Motherhood, she would sit beside me when I was exhausted and in tears after trying for hours to get a colicky, insomniac baby to sleep. Her presence in itself has always been a comfort.

"She is chewing up another one of my toys isn't she?!"

I feel a bit guilty now, as I admit, as life has got busy, we have not been the best dog owners, both Storm, and our other dog Zen don’t get walked nearly enough, but we do run around in the yard with them, throwing sticks and having fun, sometimes they will even join us on the trampoline, most of all they are loved.
I guess it’s not right to have a favourite animal, and it’s not as though I love Storm any more than Zen, but I think she has brought so much into our lives, little did I know when we made that one purchase all those years ago, we were in fact buying our daughter her first friend.
When Noah came along, we had a playmate ready for him in the form of his oldest sister Kiara, someone to show him the fun that life had to offer, with prior knowledge to all the great hiding spots of our house, and all the nooks and crannies that were best for exciting adventures. As a first child, Kiara didn’t have this, but she did have Stormy the wonder dog ready to explore life with her.
The bond between these two girls still lives on, Storm is well aware that she is Kiara’s dog, even the other day as I ventured outside to put some washing on, Storm snuck in and went straight to ‘ room, waking her up by licking her face.
I watch on now, and see a friendship between girl and dog, a friendship that was forged from day one.
Our big family

Now we are a bigger family, Noah joined the ranks close to 3 years after Kiara was born, and of course once again we purchased a fluffy friend for our unborn child to grow up with. The bond between Noah and Zen is there as well, just not as strong as that between Kiara and Storm.

Sometimes I joke that the dogs add the feeling of having 2 extra children, but I really am glad we have them as part of our family, they have enriched our lives, and taught us a lot along the way. This week Stormy will turn 6, a bit like when your children have a birthday,  I find it hard to believe that she has been a part of our lives for that long, but I feel blessed that she is.
I thank you Storm, for showing me that even though you are a tad naughty, and destroy more things than I choose to count, you really are a good dog.
Most of all, I would like to thank you for being Kiara’s first friend.

2 thoughts on “The first friend.

  1. Love this! What a lovely bond, for all of you. Dogs really are a humans best friend. We too had our first “dog baby” 2 or so years before our daughter was born. And all 3 kids got to share moments with him until he passed away at nearly 9. We miss him dearly and he’ll never be forgotten. His offspring still live here, and since being on a farm they don’t come inside! lol, but the enjoyment and memories are still there. With another litter of his grandchildren being nearly 6 weeks old!

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